Our Powers of Observation

Muscular dystrophy takes my physical abilities, but not my powers of observation if anything it just heightens my ability to observe more than others!

I may joke about calling me a superhero because of the name of my muscular dystrophy ‘FHL1 Gene mutation’. – my physical limitations just heighten other abilities like my observational skills, the younger wheeling modern day Miss Marple!

From the moment i started using a wheelchair my life changed in more ways than one, over the years i realised that i was noticing and remembering the finer details that maybe my non-disabled friends probably didn’t. And to some it might be the silly little things that no one will spot like how high a curb is or whether a door is wide enough, the amount of space that you have between each car and even how much time you have to cross a road before the car catches up with you.

Growing up we ask our parent/s a 101 questions and that doesn’t change as we get older we just ask different types of questions (well I hope we do!) it’s human nature. As my physical body fails me, my sight, mind, and perceptions of the world strengthen. These qualities have helped me navigate my way to becoming the disabled woman and writer you see today. Sometimes the best story ideas start with a question that is asked after first taking in your situation.

Being disabled our daily live’s are very different to most non-disabled people. We need to be more aware of our surroundings and any potential hazards or dangerous situations. My wheels aren’t that shock resistant so stoned ground or uneven surfaces pose a possible bumpy painful journey. Playing ‘dodge the human traffic’ while driving can become amusing at times it’s looks like i’ve lost control and going in a zigzag motion, while i’ll look where I’m going everyone else around me functions perfectly fine without paying attention to their surroundings.

I notice details about my environment, a trait that has become extremely beneficial when it comes to my writing. Observing in depth where someone is standing, what their wearing or their tone of voice.

I’m sure others do notice these things, too, but many people don’t, the simple things that some people might just glance for a split second and move on from.

My unique abilities and disability come together in an unexpected way. While my physically ability is limited, My ability to analyse with my eyes is greater. Muscular dystrophy has given me the ability to observe small things that can have a huge impact, i’m thankful that it has guided me this far and will continue to do so.

What’s your superpower?? Leave me a comment i would love to know.

Kisses K

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