Highways England: Access Guides for Motorway Services

Disclaimer: This post is a paid partnership with AccessAble & National Highways. As always, my comments are honest and entirely my own.

Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion.

Every now and then I need to pinch myself – finding my voice and a real passion, for not just sharing my world living as a disabled person, but being privileged enough to use my platform to raise awareness to hopefully be a voice within the disabled community. I have been extremely lucky in the incredible opportunities that have crossed my wheels.

July seems like such a long time ago, when in fact it was only four months ago. And where has the time gone?! my apologies for taking so long to share with you the exciting work I got to be apart of back in July with National Highways and AccessAble.

Accessibility is hugely important to me being able to live an independent life outside of my home, especially being a full-time power wheelchair user.

I’m proud to be apart of brands that strive for accessibility, diversity and inclusion. That’s why I’m extremely proud for the last few years I have been an Ambassador for AccessAble.


AccessAble provide detailed access guides for thousands of businesses across the UK – from Hotels, shop/shopping centres, restaurants, even my favourite subject Changing Places Toilets plus other accessible toilets along with various other tourist attractions.

Symbols used for guidance from sign language wheelchairs hearing impairment site impairment.

Access Guides

What do these ‘Access Guides’ provide. Peace of mind, the knowledge of not having to research as it is all done for those of us with disabilities who are a bit more anxious about travelling to new venues or locations.

As a new WAV [wheelchair accessible vehicle] owner traveling has become that much easier but In the same sentence the anxieties of needing to use the toilet away from home are still very real. These guides have everything I need and more they are 100% facts, with photographs. Covering a range of different disability needs. That can all be found via the AccessAble app or website.

Kerry in her wheelchair in a changing places toilet

Newport Pagnell Services M1 Northbound

I attended the Newport Pagnell “WelcomeBreak” services M1 Northbound, to meet a member of the National Highways England and WelcomeBreak team. To be given a VIP wheel around and talk about how vital accessibility information is when travelling, as well as the incredible new partnership with AccessAble.

I am extremely excited to be able to share with you that National Highways England now provide access guides for all 114 motorway service stations in England.

Kerry in her wheelchair outside welcome break in Newport Pagnell Wearing white trousers and a bright pink T-shirt. 

In addition, to the Access Guides they have created “virtual route” guides, where users get a 360-degree imagery enabling visitors to explore the disabled facilities in advance. This is a real game changer for accessibility and inclusion, one of the reasons why I am incredibly proud to be involved within this campaign along with other Ambassadors!

Also… this was my first official going out out after 18 months, of what only be described as being grounded as an adult!

I definitely made the most of this outing with a KFC and Krispy Kreme doughnuts before heading home don’t you just love a Service station!

Until next time. Tell me what you think?

Kisses K

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