AccessAble – An Accessibility Guide

AccessAble App/Website – an accessibility guide that could change your life!

Going out is as simple as picking a place, grabbing your keys, purse/Wallet maybe a jacketed if it’s chilly. Oh how I/many would love to say yes this is totally what happens.

Being disabled you become a master planner. Research can be key to planning an outing whether it’s to a restaurant, bar or venue finding out if it’s accessible for your needs before saves you the stress and anxiety that can come with the unknown. This is why when you find an app that works that gives you everything you need as well as save you time on researching.

The history behind AccessAble

AccessAble, originally called DisabledGo, was set up in 2000 by Dr Gregory Burke as a result of his own experiences as a wheelchair user and disabled walker.

Dr Burke was stunned to find that the best-case scenario when he looked for accessibility information was a few unhelpful words that only resulted in more uncertainty.

wheelchair friendly’ ‘disabled access’

The information he needed just wasn’t available, meaning everything had to be planned and too often going out became a stressful and anxious experience. At times Gregory felt he could not go out at all.

Knowing he was not alone, that millions of people faced the same situation, and that by working with other disabled people he could bring about change.

What the App provides Is a detailed access guides to 10,000s of places across the UK and Ireland. These guides aren’t personal reviews, but step by step descriptions of what accessibility is like at a particular place – they are 100% facts, figures and photographs.

Each Guide is created having been visited by an AccessAble Surveyor, collecting over 1,000 piece of information for just one venue.

AccessAble uses 33 Accessibility Symbols.

How many times have you been told that there is level access, only to find that there are two steps up?

How often have you found that the “accessible toilet” is anything but accessible when you have gone to use it?

Finding the practical stuff is vital for disabled people and their families – can I get in, can I use the toilet! Very few venues have this much detail online, this is why I love the AccessAble App it’s brought a whole new world of accessibility. Being able to get the level of detailed information that I need on an app in my pocket, knowing I can trust it, means I can get this information quickly and takes away the need to plan.

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