Being proud of who you are.

I’ve not been disabled my entire life, Some people’s responses are often different some positive some sound condescending. I’m not one to generally bring up in conversation about being disabled with new groups of people, not because it bothers me more because it can create an awkward atmosphere for others. people can give you the “aww bless you” or the all-round great British answer for pretty much everything were unsure what to say ”I’m sorry” that one saying always just makes me giggle. I’m 29 with an added 9 years experience!! I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at 24, i grew up knowing that the day might just come I’d be classed as “disabled”. My childhood and teens I grew up in a small country Village in Leicestershire where everyone knew what they had for breakfast and we had to actually knock for our friends (a crazy notion to kids nowadays I’m sure!!) I was a sporty youngster netball team, rounders team, trampolining, loved swimming plus being a country girl I had my own horse. The signs didn’t show until the age of around 19 and that limp came, the falls started not that I wasn’t already pretty accident prone already find me flat ground and my bum found it very comfy! I’ve never really looked at myself as being disabled don’t know why as in the great scheme of things I am, in my mind I can still do everything just my bodies gone on strike!! It can become hard sometimes when faced with the looks up and down followed by you don’t look like you should be disabled or you’re disabled so you ‘can’t’ do this and you ‘can’t’ do that, it’s a harsh reality when someone makes you feel like a burden to society, it blows my mind how some people in Society think even in 2017, The way I deal with how some people think, I don’t that’s how I’m a true believer in not letting others define me as the person I am the way I see me a happy, very sarcastic, blonde in charge of a set of four wheels… Good luck on the path ways  guys  haha!! Kerry x You can also follow me on: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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