Let’s get more Social!

It’s safe to say right now we’re all craving that human social attention. We’re all finding new ways to Connect with love ones and friends.

So let’s all get more social let’s reconnect with each other in a different way than sending a voice note, email, text message many other ways to connect.

So here’s a few apps to help you get more social.


Right now there isn’t a better app I don’t think for catching up at wine o’clock.

It’s couldn’t be any simpler set yourself up an account, then plan a time to get everyone together can be the whole family or your girl friends, do a boys night in can be absolutely anything from quiz night movie or just a good old chitchat!!



This seems to be the app of the moment everyone is raving about it. Making guessing games super cool again, where you can chat and complete games in timed games.



This is a fab app that let’s you watch, listen to videos, songs plus handpicked movies or TV shows that you can reacts to all while video chatting way with your friends or family.



This app let you do something pretty wicked, Screenshare.

So now your friends can see what you get up to while you’re on a call and you can see all their reactions. to YouTube, TikTok.

It’s simple scrernsharing.



Quiz night or day depending on your age. Playing games in real time with your friends and family or if their all busy you can play random people too make new friends see how their coping in lockdown.



This app is pretty much like Pictionary but totally social distance style!

Time to get your stick men/women drawing skills at the ready.



Simply tired of watching tv by yourself well look no further you don’t have to anymore head over to Google Chrome Extensions for Netflix party and download you will need to do this on desktop. Then chat away with others watching the same series as you.



This app has an impressive 46 gaming options for you to play around with. Keeping you going for days not just 24 hours.


We might not be able to be in the same as all our loved ones, but these out should help us feel that little bit more closer!Kerry 💋

I’d love to know how you and your family and friends are keeping In touch by leaving me a comment.

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