How to be the Best version of yourself

Hey Everyone welcome back!

What does the title mean to you? ‘How to you the best version of ourselves’ .

I try to work on myself as regularly as I can as it’s always good to check in on yourself and learn, especially living with mental health checking in on yourself is definitely a good idea.

Firstly if we all want to be the Best version of ourselves we need to be very present. What I mean by being present is some days I can feel like I’ve got far to much to do but really it’s nothing that can’t wait, as it will still be there the following day.

The best way to become the best versions of ourselves is starting from the beginning and excepting this is our life, our version, no one else’s, like for myself having a Progressive muscle wasting disorder, a rare form of muscular dystrophy this is my life I’m never going to get better there’s never going to be a miracle cure (not that I don’t hope!).

Start with taking small steps it’s not a marathon so as long as you achieve the end goal take your time great things only happen over time, focus on your personal goals and as I always say don’t let others define you as a person it’s wasting precious energy plus taking valuable time from focusing on yourself.

Try learning one thing It can be everyday, once a week or even once a month schedule that time ~ if it’s once a day It can be a new word and what that word means or a new skill like a language or online course. Push yourself to grow you’ll instantly feel like you’ve achieved something, I know I feel proud of myself when I’ve learnt something new about campaigning or blogging.

Something else you might fine helps you to grow is asking and writing down 3 things your grateful for everyday!? What’s made you smile and how do you feel!? ~ simple questions but when your asking yourself your focusing on yourself this can be done at any point of the day giving yourself that 5 minutes of just you no one else time. This also helps with my mental health I’m also killing two birds with one stone working on myself as well as checking my mental health each day. Winning!!

Building a positive and happy network but this I mean spending time with friends and family who inspire you to live your best life, being around people like this just brings out only the best version of you. If you do have some people in your live that are toxic/negative just keep them at arms length don’t feed into their drama I like to call them ‘Emotional Vampires‘ This is probably the one thing that has helped me more than anything be the best version of myself.

No one is perfect including myself but that doesn’t mean we can’t all do a little better at being better version of ourselves!

Kerry 💋

If you have things that help you feel free to share with me and others who read, I would love to here from you.

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