How Aloe Vera help’s me.

It’s crazy to think that this funny looking green plant has so many healing ways, We’ve all heard of the aloe vera plant it really wouldn’t surprise me if you have a plant called vera tucked away on a window sill somewhere, I was first introduced to this healing wonder by my mummy, “I’ve got a plant that will help that” she had so many plants all lined up along the kitchen window with ends broken off, I don’t come from a family of accident prone at all!! then it entered the house in a strange form of EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine. A few years back I had a big wake up call, that overwhelming scary thought when the paramedics turns to you and says were taking you in Kerry, with a suspected heart attack at the ripe age of 34, kinda makes you think hmmmmmm maybe just drinking diet coke and ready-made easy meals isn’t really helping (shock horror). After being drained of blood from hands, arms and feet, I’m pretty sure Dracula would have taken less! And a night locked away in crazy town (I mean hospital) hooked up to machines! I was given the all clear to go home with pending appointments and a big green bag full of drugs. With todays modern medicine, and ‘a tablet and pill for everything’ culture, I know I’m pretty lucky with my form of Muscular Dystrophy to have no pain and no real big issue like others do, as time went on the thought of having to take what felt like 20 different drugs everyday for the rest of my life being on blood thinners, beta blockers and IBS tablets funnily gave me food for thought, the natural remedies are somewhat overlooked these past few decades. However with every medicine having side effects and some causing long-term damage that was previously undetected, there has been a major influx in natural remedies and demand for effective healthy resources across the world, knowing that my mum who also lives with Muscular Dystrophy has been taking aloe vera and no modern medicine, it really wasn’t going to kill me to start what my mum had been telling me for years to take (let’s not tell mummy dearest she was right all along she needs no encouragement to tell me I told you so!). It’s was never any contest when it came to finding a natural remedies source that was full of aloe vera and nothing but goodness’ forever living it was and because we all know ” mummy knows best” plus she probably would have disowned me! now let’s face it anything that’s remotely good for you generally always taste like your eating the nearest green field no offence to cow’s, so I tell you no lies when I started the big yellow bottle called forever Aloe Vera drinking Gel is wasn’t high on my list of favourite drinks but the benefits way out its taste and well if I can down a shot of tequila this yellow shot of goodness wasn’t going to beat me, Although I have got use to it now I could easily stick a straw in the bottle as if it was a bottle of diet coke! My IBS is now under control (unless I’m stressed and want to kill hubby that day!) I can eat what I want with no issues, my insides finally feel loved, it’s given me lots more benefits like more energy, stronger hair and nails I definitely notice the difference when I’ve not taken my shot of now yummy goodness’ so instead of those 1 litre bottles of diet coke stacked in my fridge, they have been replaced with the yellow bottle of yummy goodness’ Now before everyone thinks that’s all I’ve done is change into a crazy Aloe Vera lady i have added water plus healthier food opinion, clearly that horrible tasting chocolate bar does jump out of the fridge into my mouth every now and then, and in the words of my husband “it’s not my fault” Kerry x ALOE VERA GEL FACTS:
  • Contain 200 health promoting compounds, including 12vitamins,(B1,B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E), 18 amino acids and 20 minerals.
  • Its an excellent pre biotic
  • The benefit from a 60ml shot a day your hair, nails become stronger and your  skin will all giving you that famous Aloe Glow.
  • It’s not heat treated and has noadded sugars, and therefore has lost none of its natural benefits.
  • It’s grown and harvested by forever ONLY the inner gel, NO outer leaf, chemicals or water are added to it, the Aloe content is over 99% making it the purest you can find.
  • It is supplied in liquid form so it absorbs more effectively.
  • Suitable for all the family, from the youngest toddler to the oldest grandparent and EVEN your pets!
  • Comes in 4 different flavours that can offer other benefits
  • Original, Berry Nectar, Bits n Peaches & orange.
  • 60 day money back guarantee winning!
If you would like more info on this yummy bottle of goodness’ email me or visit image1

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