I miss

I miss long walks though the country side. Running my hands though the long grass as I’m walking though a field. 

I miss dipping my feet in the sea and jumping coz its cold, feeling the sand in-between my toes.

I miss sitting on the floor crossing my legs together, being able to sit on one leg having that dead leg feeling after you’ve sat on it to long.

I miss brushing my hair.

I miss having a bath, putting my foot into steaming hot water knowing it’s far to hot because my foot is now red, taking my time getting in inch by inch putting my body into the bath saying out loud ‘ouch to hot’ but still doing it anyway.

I miss standing in the rain arms wide open spinning around and around with the rain hitting my face.

I miss laying on the ground looking up seeing the clouds go by, feeling free to get up when you want. 



It’s funny the little things you miss sometimes, I haven’t really thought about it for a while until now just because it’s been so long, the crazy thing is you sometimes don’t miss what you haven’t got anymore then other times on a beautiful evening like this evening the simplest thing like taking a walk as the sun sets for the day.

Would I change anything yes totally I’d be lying if I said no but being disabled has opened my mind and changed how I look at the world, what some people don’t see I now see, what some people take for granted I don’t ‘and yes I for sure I took a lot of things for granted when I wasn’t in my wheelchair.

Kerry x

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