My Tui experience as a wheelchair user on holiday.


Hey everyone welcome to part-two of my Tui holiday experience this part is all about the Tui rep!

We normally shy away from the rep intro’s because Well you’ve normally heard it all before – but this time round was different for some reason I felt like I need to go (always trust your gut instinct!) and I’m so glad we did our rep was called Becca.

Becca just gave you that feeling you’d been friends for years it’s rare to find someone like that, to say she went above and beyond for me is an understanding.

Absolutely you could totally say it’s her job. but, yes I’m happy to say there is a BUT not everyone would spend most of their time really researching places suitable of my Wheelchair and that wouldn’t take it out of me, plus if there was suitable toilet facilities not just a broom size cupboard for a disabled toilet!

I didn’t expect there would be many activities around Costa Teguise Lanzarote that would be that Wheelchair friendly, but I was pleasantly surprised at just what Becca had managed to find that I was able to do.

  • Sea trekking
  • Rancho Texas
  • Starlight Cinema

3 is definitely better than one.

If you haven’t guessed the Sea Trekking is at the top of my bucket list if I had one!!

I’m truly grateful I got to meet Becca, I’m a true believer in you meet and things happen for a reason, I hope I get to see her again in the near future she is after all the whole reason we’re going back to do the disabled scuba diving (to say I’m EXCITED is a massive understatement think over excited minions!)

I’m totally gutted I didn’t get her details before we left I would loved to have kept in touch.

so if you see becca on your hoilday travels go say hi you won’t be disappointed.

I got a truly wonderful letter popped though our hotel door from Becca.


And Becca if your reading my blog thank you for everything your truly amazing & I hope your sunning yourself some where fabulous if your not in Lanzarote still!

Kerry xx

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