Challenge accepted!

Last week I sent out a tweet asking my twitter followers what I should write next. And a challenge was set by Fleur Perry : so I’ve decided not just to end the challenge with my but to carry it on the by tagging a few friends at the end!

The challenge ~ Two Questions summed up in under 100 words

The thing that you most commonly have to explain to people that you wish they already knew.

Access It’s a constant battle to raise awareness around how this access can be improved, so that disabled people can participate the same as everyone else. improving the access for disabled people improves access for all. Making a door easy to open, or the doorway a sufficient width and free of clutter, not only makes the access better for a wheelchair user

The thing that you find most difficult to explain to people.

That my body doesn’t work the same way as everyone else’s having muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting disease, it’s like I’m Constantly reminding myself of what I’ve lost ~ the ability to walk or lift my arm to itch my nose! it can play havoc with my mental health.

Kerry x

I now pass the Challenge on ~ the rule cope the two questions and in under 100 words complete, post and tag

I challenge ~ My MD Blogger Crew

Fi Anderson from life of an Ambitious turtle

Carrie Aimes from Life on the slow lane

Emma Muldoon from Simply Emma

Ross Lannon from A life on wheels

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