Invisible disabilities.


Some Disabilities are in plan site to the naked eye, like mine for instance when you see me the first thing you see isn’t my dazzling smile; it’s my wheelchair. Then you have those with health conditions that can’t be seen to the naked eye. Those disabilities are called invisible. You may not be able to see them but they are very real,

Invisible disabilities can sometimes be hard for people to understand, the thought that someone can live in such horrific pain and agony everyday when there is nothing visible to see on the outside. But it’s very real. The illness is real. The pain is real. The fatigue, the stress, the anxiety all very real.

Sufferers often feel like their not believed, even by doctors, faced with being called fakers and feeling judged even ashamed most suffer in silence, Which isn’t surprising when you feel you have no support, compassion or understanding simply because of the invisibility of their condition.

Even though I have a very visible disability with my Muscular Dystrophy a muscle wasting condition where I need a powered wheelchair, I do also suffer with my own invisible disabilities as well IBS or commonly known as irritable bowel syndrome, it can be extremely painful with stomach cramps and swelling, A sudden urgency to go to the toilet. And type 2 Diabetes where I have to watch how high or low my blood sugars are.

Nobody would know unless I tell them, I know a lot of people feel that non-sufferers would understand our health more if there was a visible symptoms, but if I’m honest not sure if really want to see what ibs would look like as sometimes it feels like an Alien is trying to escape my stomach!

Most people don’t talk about their health problems they keep their private lives private even with family and friends. Not everyone is like me blogging away for the world to read sharing awareness – their invisible disabilities really are invisible.

My neighbour might have an invisible illness or a close friend I speak to everyday or the man we all watched on the news on the tv last night. The truth is, we have no way of knowing what is going on in anyone’s life.

Whether it’s a physical illness, mental health or invisible illness we simply don’t know what lies behind somebody’s eyes. We can’t see their pain, the torment that’s that plays in their heads, we will just see their smile covering the sadness.

We done all have labels so don’t be so quick to judge if you see someone packing in a disabled parking spot because you don’t know their story. In the world we live in today we all need to learn to be a little more thoughtful and mindful.

Kerry x

Do you have an invisible illness? Leave me a comment telling how you’ve felt or even how others have treated you.


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