Social media the light and dark side!

With the world of social media growing on a regular basis, You’ll find millions of people use media platforms as a way of voicing their opinions, stay in touch With friends and family or a way for disabled people to interact with people that have the same disabilities. However, as well as the bright side of doing this, there is also the dark side.

now I’m totally going to sound like my mother when I say this ‘i remember when’ but yes i do remember when social media wasn’t around, if I wanted to talk to a friend it was by knocking on their door a crazy concept and totally Alien these day I know.

But why is there a darker side to social Media?

Cyber bullying has become such an issue access to ‘setting up a profile’ has never been easier, and as a result the number of internet trolls and cyber bullies now online are more prevalent than ever. Voicing opinions, sharing personal moments or simply making yourself ‘visible’, can lead to online bullying. It doesn’t seem to matter whether your famous or joe blogs the trolls of the internet don’t spare you from their keyboards.

Whether it’s having a fake profile to hide behind, or the lack of repercussions which come from typing behind a screen, their attacks can be very personal and nasty when it comes to Disabled people the wording just get Beyond anything but disgusting even going as far as attacking how disabled people look, ‘now I’m totally not saying it’s just disabled people that get targeted a keyboard bully will be line of anyone they feel.

For most Disabled People using social media is a way for interacting with people for many different reasons, such as socializing, finding and sharing information, shopping or just simply as a diversion from their own reality.

These are just a few of the ways that social media can improve people’s lives. On the other hand, social media can cause stress and other negative emotions.

I’m not sure anyone would really be that surprised to learn what thenegative effects of social mediaare both physical and mental.

How Social Media Is Bad for You

  • Depression and Anxiety. …
  • Cyberbullying. …
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) …
  • Unrealistic Expectations. …
  • Negative Body Image.

To finish I want to remind everyone if you face any type of bullying whether it face to face or online REPORT IT, BLOCK THEM!

I also want to remind you all that no matter what Disability you have you are beautiful/handsome you are perfect just the way you are.

Kerry x


Have you ever faced online bullying?

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