What to watch in isolation

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I love nothing more than a good box set to binge watch or movie to get lost in the drama, we all know I don’t stop talking about Self-Care especially right now it’s important to take time for yourself, to put your comfy clothes on feet up .

So here’s just a little idea of what I’ve got on my watch list or started watching.


• Tiger king

If you’ve not ‘sunk’ your teeth into the crazy world of everyone involved in this mini documentary nows the time to really work your detective skills! Did carol do it??

Rated 15

1 Series / 7 episodes

1 Bonus Episode

• The Last Kingdom

If you love a good historical drama with this is one for you, the series is based on real historical timelines but much of the action is fictionalised as Is the main character Uhstred’s story but the background is Grimly very real.

Rated 18

1 season / 8 episode

2 season / 8 episode

3 season / 10 episode

4 Season / 10 episode • After Life

Fairly new to Netflix it’s already trending at number 2 on top 10 in the uk staring Ricky Gervais. The storyline is based on his coping mechanisms after his wife’s death that’s just not quite working out for him!!

1 series / 6 episode

2 series / 6 episode


Need a Chris Hemsworth fix. Er who doesn’t! then this is your film with rival drug lords, kidnap, impossible odds and did I mentioned Chris Hemsworth.

Rated 18

Time 1h 57mDisney +

Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker

The Final battle for freedom and new legends are born and every question from previous Star Wars films finally answered.

Rating 12+

Time 2h 22hThe Lion king

I can’t get enough of this version of Disney the lion king, if you’ve not watched it yet get the popcorn, tissues and be ready to laugh as you’ll be gripped from start to finish.

Rating 9+

Time 2h 4mAladdin

Will Smith does not disappointed as the Genie in the lamp, Sing along to all your favourite Aladdin songs while laughing away at the same time.

Rating 9+

Time 2h 14m• Descendants & 2, 3

The children of all your favourite Villains are given the change to attend a prep school alongside the offsprings of iconic Disney heroes. Do they cause havoc following in the footsteps of their villainess parents or embrace the goodness.

coming-of-age, fantasy, musical

Rating 9+

Time 1h 53m

Bonus short story under the seaSky TV

• Killing Eve – BBC

Obsession, murder with twists and turns this series is nothing but gripping from start to finish, leaving you wanting more and more after every episode.

1 series / 8 Episodes (watch now)

2 series / 8 Episodes (watch now)

3 series (on now) Brassic – sky one

Follow the exploits and mayhem of Vinny and his friends based in Lancashire. Everyone needs a good comedy!

1 series / 6 Episodes (watch now)

2 series starts Thursday 7th may

Gangs of London – Sky Atlantic

The city of London is torn apart but the assassination of the head of the most powerful crime family with power struggles of International gangs, you won’t want to stop watching.

1 series / 9 Episodes (watch now)

Belgravia – itv

If you love Downton Abbey then this mini series is for you with secrets, lies, romance and a legendary ball.

1 series / 6 Episodes (watch now)

Kerry 💋

What have you been binge watching I’d love to add to my list.

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