Be Kind

In a world where we can be ANYTHING….. what do you choose??

If you’ve visited my page before you’ll know I don’t shy away from my own struggles with mental health,

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for a while now waiting to be finished and with recent events that have hit our headlines I thought it was time to finally finish it.

The world full of people that think it’s OK to be cruel, making judgments on others appearances, Disabilities, Gender, Race or just simply a mistake, but it doesn’t end with just that small list. Whether you’re famous or just an average person.

When did we stop smiling at a stranger in the street, when did we stop asking people if they needed a helping hand or if their OK, when did we stop being KIND to one another!?

When did it become socially acceptable to be so cruel to others just to make ourselves feel better Or just for a laugh.

Its not big, it’s not clever, It’s definitely not funny and it’s not entertaining when words can be just as harmful and detrimental to someone life as being hit by a car!

Social media was created to be a way for people to Connect not to tear people down, not a way to become bullies, trolls and hide behind keyboards.

We’re all guilty of saying something about someone at some point in our lives, we’re all guilty of making a judgement, we’re also all guilty of making mistakes, we’re all GUILTY!!

Remember your cruel and negative comments can be as harmful as if your holding that bottle or knife in your own hands.

So treat people how you want to be treated be kind to EVERYONE regardless if you don’t know them, as you never know what goes on behind closed doors!

Don’t just sit back if you think Someone is struggling because their ability to reach out doesn’t always register and if someone has just vanished reach out them.

I’ll leave with with some powerful words from Laura Whitmore ~ we can all learn from.

‘Only YOU are responsible for how you treat others and what you put out in the world’

Kerry 💋

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