Embracing your Disability!

Living with a disability can come with many challenges that can be mentally challenging to live with, but saying that it doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t be happy within yourself or that you should let your disablity stop you from achieveing your ambitions/goals.

People can be quick to think that every disabled person is constantly unhappy due to the struggles we face day to day and this can lead to the misconception that disabled people are incapable. the struggles we face are real but doesn’t mean with planing and the right support they can’t be overcome, over the years I’ve learned to embracing my disability.

Accepting your disability can be extremely difficult so attempting to embrace it can be even harder but it is possible. As someone with a Progressive muscle wasting disease my body has been growing weaker and weaker since I was a 18 years old (I’m 40 now) the old I got the more I couldn’t do sometimes leaving me unable to join in with family and friends when things where planned often leaving me feeling isolated. But over the years I’ve learnt to embrace and accept my disability as there is no known cure for muscular dystrophy as of yet, so living my life to the fullest despite of my disability as I don’t want to isolate myself from the world just because I’m disabled.

I truly believe you can embrace your disability no matter what your disability might be. I started blogging to mainly focus on talking about living with muscular dystrophy and the affects it’s had and how I’ve over come them, im writing this post in the attempt it can relate to all aspects of the disability world.

Now, Don’t misunderstand me I’m not trying to force anything I’m writing in this post forcing anyone to embrace their disability, I’ve not completely lost the plot just yet and I am completely aware that it can be extremely difficult and it’s not possible to constantly seem positive and brave everyday I can’t even do that! but I’m just saying try to find ways to embrace your disability you could find it might help you to accept tiny bits of your Disability that will grow after time making you feel happier within yourself.

My biggest battle I face on a daily basis is my Muscular Dystrophy, I do also suffer with other illnesses like type two diabetes and Lymphedema. It’s apparent that some people don’t think that invisible disabilities can make that much of an impact on someone’s life as it’s not visible to the naked eye but that’s certainly not the case and I can assure you that invisible disabilities are just as hard to live with as living with a visible disability. I’ve never shied away when writing and tell people I’ve personally found it very difficult to deal with my disability but I’ve gradually becoming more confident within myself over the years, caring less about people’s misconceptions and what they think of me (maybe that comes with age I don’t know).

Here’s a few reasons I think embracing your disability can help you in many ways.

Educating others

People’s awareness of disabilities can be very limited sometime it’s Choice not to know and other its lack of knowledge so, it’s natural for people in society to have misconceptions about disabilities and the people who live with them. Disabilities can raise a lot of curiosity it’s human nature so if someone asks you a questions around your disability it gives you the opportunity to educate them and share your story hence raising awareness of disability whilst doing so. Not everyone will always understand but people will naturally be interested in discovering how you live your life as the saying goes Curiosity killed the cat!

BecomIng part of a community

for years I doing really have anyone to take to other than my mum about my Disability and I get It can get frustrating when people constantly tell you “it’s good to talk, it will help” but trust me it honestly does! when you find others who also live with the same or any disability for that matter, since I started my blog and opening up my social media to everyone not just family and friends I’ve known for years like Twitter and Instagram, I’ve met some of the most amazing people. I’ve found myself as part of a community involving some incredible people also living with muscular dystrophy, just talking to them has helped me. Talking about my disability and embracing it I never knew it would lead to becoming a part of such a wonderful community, it’s truly heart warming to discover other people who live in similar situations to yourself and who understand you and all the challenges you face when it comes to living with a disability. It’s unfortunately this exceptional community us disabled people are a part of continue to suffer misconceptions, mistreatment and stigma but by embracing your own disability you stand proud for your community and for a larger group of people. This is one reason I started campaigning, you might find after a while People come to you for advice, guidance, you might become a lifeline of positivity for others which again might inspire them to become more open about their disabilites and might aid them in embracing it themselves.

To end this post I just want you all to know that you’re amazballs, whether you live with a disability or not. Don’t feel insecure or ashamed of who you are because we’re all individuals and everyone has their own personalities which make you special.

Make your own rules and live your best life!

Kerry x

Don’t forget I’m always around on Facebook, twitter or Instagram if you feel you need a chat 💗

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