How writing helps my mental health

When I started writing at a time in my life where I was struggling mentally, it became a way for me to express my feelings without the sense of worry of telling someone else about how I feel. I found comfort in writing my feelings down in black and white, I’ve come to realise it helps me in more ways than one.

Blogging soon became my own therapy session, a way of expressing myself and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I use to find it easier telling someone about my muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting disease and why I use a wheelchair but talking about anxiety and mental health has been a struggle in the pass.

Writing how I’m feeling on bad days and sharing with the world has definitely helped me, but sharing with friends and family is more difficult it gives me more anxiety thinking about putting that burden on them and putting the words together and explaining to them how I feel. they probably understand and help even if I wasn’t making any sense at all.

I don’t just find writing helps me I do also have CBT therapy.

here are just a few ways that writing helps my mental health.

Understanding what’s going on in my head

Finding the right Words on how I’m feeling verbally can sometimes be a difficult thing for me to do, especially when talking about my anxiety. it’s hard putting my feelings into words when talking to someone face to face and I’m never able to explain just how I want my words to come out that makes sense. But when I start writing those feelings and thoughts down, it’s hard to stop and before you know it ive written over 1000 words. Writing those feelings down helps me make sense of it all in a way.

Cleaning the clutter

Sometimes I feel like my mind is full of nothing and everything all at once that I can’t make sense of. So when I write it’s like I’m spring cleaning my mind in a way and helps to declutter all the things I’m thinking about. my mind is a little clearer afterwards as well, being able to go back over what I’ve written, reading over what I’ve put down helps me and allows me to work out hows best I can help myself to cope hats going on in my head against that time!

My coping mechanism

As I said before, i started writing as a kinda home therapy session, it’s been a great way to escape, a way for me to express myself. Posting a blog post for the world to read i know I don’t get instant feedback or an instant response but I don’t do it for that plus that’s not what it’s all about, it’s me expressing myself in a way that makes me feel better and make sense of what going on in my head. I guess what I’m trying to say is that writing things down is my way of coping, my way of dealing with the emotions that can spin around and around in my mind.

I know i’m not alone when it comes to depression and anxiety and if you suffer with it too, I hope you know that you don’t have to face it alone.

Is there anything that helps you with something such as depression or anxiety? Do you relate to this post in any way? What do you find helps you and your mental health? I’d love to know if any of you feel the way I do about this,

Kerry x

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