Love island and why I’m glad I don’t have to date in the Modern society!

With a winter Love Island hours from taking over our lives; well mine at least I’m very much ‘Hooked’ I’m not ashamed to say it out loud I AM a total reality TV junkie; it’s not even a guilty pleasure I Ab-so-flipping-lutely love it!!

Tell me it’s staged, scripted or not real I don’t care, I will still watch, I will still cry at heartache, I will still shout moron at the tv and LOVE every last minute and I’ll no doubt forever be stupidity obsessed.

Love Island is on ITV2 every night from tonight at 9pm for seven weeks. That’s SEVEN whole weeks of not being able to keep track of the Uk’s most eligible young models, influencers and hopefully a few average Joes all trying to find love in the South African sunshine.

I’m sure this year won’t fail us with it’s ups and downs with it’s new favourite saying. But every year I watch, it mades me more thankful that I don’t have to date in this modern society dating has changed lots from my day – How does love island work you puts a group of sexy singletons in a villa and they have to couple-up and win the public’s hearts. Some play a game, some fall in love, others bed-hop and cause drama at every turn.

*Disclaimer* This is just my personal opinion.

In past series of love islands some of the contestants have acted super cringy. One minute a Girl/Guy is everything they wants ‘on paper’ (what ever that means). Then a different Girl/Guy will break up with their current partner then in a blink of an eye five minutes later their snogging on the day bed at night saying we totally have a connection, your my type on paper!

There have been few Love Islanders over the years that haven’t come across as being very shallow, it definitely highlights how this generation is (or I’m just getting very old!). A well toned/slim new contestant comes wondering into the villa and all Islanders seem to forgotten every so called “Feelings” they caught and told to their current match, clearly weren’t all they were cracked up to be. And the Moral – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket Girls and Boys!

Now, as I said I don’t know whether It’s I’m old, old fashioned, simply not down with the kids or just been in a relationship/married that long but I definitely have more self-respect than that to act the way some of these contestants do. But to be fair, It’s not like they’d ever let someone like myself enter villa even if I was single as I’m a super sexy blonde with my own set of wheels and disabled. Hardly the ‘on paper look’ they’re looking for, obviously far to much blonde to handle! Just imagine me speeding into the villa in my wheelchair, hello boys fancy a quick spin in my ‘Quickie’ If that doesn’t scream marriage material I don’t know what does.

Talking disability let’s take that out of the equation for a second, modern dating it’s terrifying to watch some of my friends, the crazy stories I’ve heard about Tinder and other dating app (dating apps definitely not around in my day). Speed dating the list is endless, tales of f**kboys and f**kgirls, ghosting, dumped by text. I mean come on if I ever had to enter this new world of dating I’m screwed!! (Message for hubby your stuck with me for life you lucky boy!)

Now talking disability I was always very honest as I had a limp, then a limp and walking stick before my wheelchair days came about. That came when I was with hubby at the beginning of our relationship but before hubby it was very noticeable and a question hot out the mouth when meeting guys, most guys didn’t really care clearly my sparkling smile and sarcastic charm won them over! then hubby came along, so it definitely makes me think how the modern dating world would cope with a wheelchair? How would meeting people in real life and not on an app/the internet if you never really go out?

My attitude is, ‘don’t judge my disability on who I am as a person’. someone else’s insecurities about my disability are just that someone else’s problem not mine. (Read embracing my disability ) But I do often wonder how single disabled people find dating? Especially if they’re dating able-bodied or others with disabilities.

Luckily, I don’t have to worry about dating (sorry boys!) as I’ve been with my hubsta 14 years now and he did ‘put a ring on it‘ 5 years ago, he’s pretty much my favourite human. Unless he’s having a period then he’s; well a moron!

With reality TV shows being such a huge platform these day should we really be showing the next generation that dating and relationships to some are nothing more than a commodity that can be thrown away or exchanged on a whim!? Why I’m glad I don’t have to date in this day and age.

If you are single and looking for love I wish you the best and I truly hope you find happiness. But always remember you Beautiful/Handsome just how you are also!

But after all I’ve said I’ll still be getting my Love Island 🌴 fix – make sure your fully prepared with snacks and drinks, ready to be sat at the edge of your seat for the next 7 weeks!

Kerry 💋

Will you be watching Love Island and what do you think to modern day dating?

(Picture belongs to itv2 Love Island)

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