Starting a new week.

Beginning another week in lock-down can be super tough on your mental health especially being Easter weekend and ordinarily we would of spent it enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve had probably would’ve been so much easier if it packed it down with rain!

One of the biggest battles we face is our own thoughts especially if you live alone, staying as positive as we can is key right now to keep ourselves mentally healthy.

Keeping it in perspective

Some days will probably feel never ending and time has just stood still. Try to keep in mind this won’t last forever and staying at home is the best place to stay safe and well.

Plan something exciting, something to look forward to like meeting up with friends or family. Going to see a movie, shopping it can be absolutely anything it’s something you want to do that’s what’s key.

Making the Effort

Sometimes we’d like family and friends to check in on us without instigator. However If your feeling lonely and cut off reach out don’t wait for others, as they could be feeling the same way your feeling.

Loneliness can’t become a habit and get worse if you ignore it so please don’t ignore it get in touch when you need to.

Set a routine

Keeping to a routine will help keep things as normal as they can be. Setting up a routine from the time you get up have breakfast, lunch and dinner as much as that sounds very regimented you’ll be surprised what they can do for your mental health.

Schedule calls/FaceTime with friends and family to say In touch during the week. Establishing this routine gives you something to look forward to everyday.

Set Project

Set yourself projects that can be completed over a long-term or short-term. Doesn’t have to be anything ambitious like building a new shed from scratch, pick something like a wardrobe clear out and tidy up, the junk draw/s (I know we all have one!!) or clearing your phone of pictures and messages.

Importantly; make sure they are achievable and enjoyable.

Practice Daily Self-Care

Establish a routine that make sure you look after yourself taking care of the practicalities, shower daily (I know it’s hard when your disabled as it can take hours to do that one task), get dressed, eat at regular times keep to a varied diet as much as possible. Remember sticking to your routine will help you feel like you have a purpose and reason to keep going each day.

We don’t know how long this will last so ~

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

Stay Home

And reach out when you feel lonely.Kerry 💋

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