Have Supermarkets failed the disability world!

Let’s get brutally honest it’s nothing unusual that the disability world would be forgotten about or to be a second thought so why would it be any different now!?

With thousands of disabled, elderly vulnerable individuals/families struggling to get food delivery slots, Supermarkets have now started offering the shielded Community a priority slot but this is only being offered to the 1.5 million that have received a letter, has it made any difference. No, people are still struggling to get a guaranteed delivery slot as all the slots are booked up weeks in advance.

This still leaves thousands of other high risk people due to Health conditions that didn’t receive a letter, It doesn’t matter whether you sit up until midnight waiting for the new slots to be released there is no guarantee that you will get a slot. With millions of individuals/Families being told by the government they need to stay home for a minimum of 12 weeks, My fear is with the people that don’t have laptops/computes or Smart phones and no other help.

Yes there is the help of a food package that will be delivered to your door every week with a selection of essentials like bread, tinned items like soup, veg and fruit, potatoes and pasta, but what happens when your on a strict food diet because of diabetes, Crohn’s or ibs!?

Some of the vulnerable and their families are in a catch 22 stay home to keep themselves virus free with very little food or leave the safety of home because there’s no other choice.

Being disabled myself I find it easier to get my food delivered which I have been doing for many years now either receiving a weekly or fortnightly deliveries from Tesco, I’ve encountered no end of issues with one delivery never arriving no text, emailed to say it wasn’t arriving I spent several hours trying to call and find out what had happened, finally managing to speak to someone I was told my delivery was cancelled with no reasons of why other than it was cancelled. Even after explaining I was a Vulnerable disabled customer with no other means of getting food it was a simple apology there’s nothing I can do it was cancelled.

Funding a delivery slot is like gold dust and that’s not just with Tesco that’s with all major supermarkets that deliver like sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrison’s.

I don’t just have muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting condition I also have type 2 diabetes meaning I have to be extremely careful what I eat to much and to little of something can be deadly.

Supermarkets are asking people to be more thoughtful to the vulnerable and if their able to still do their food shopping do it themselves and leave the delivery slots available for the vulnerable that are not able to do their own. will this make any difference unfortunately probably not but only time will tell.

Have/Are Supermarkets really done enough to ensure that all their vulnerable regular customers are able to get basic food needs??


Is there nothing really more they can do??

Kerry 💋Do you feel let down or still struggling to get your basic food needs??

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