Being Shielded

Hey everyone how are you. No really how are you?? don’t just give the normal ‘I’m okay’ Speech if there’s ever time to share how we are really feeling it’s now!

I don’t know about you but the days have turned into weeks, weeks have turned into what Day of the week it is!!

This sh*t right now could make the strongest of head explode. it’s definitely been mentally challenging for myself I’ll be the first to say I’ve had my moments, I’ve learnt to cope with most thing’s in life like having a Progressive muscle wasting condition called muscular dystrophy plus battling with my mental health it can be hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve never really looked at myself as “seriously ill” yes I have muscular dystrophy and few other medical thing’s thrown in for fun, I’ve spoken quite openly in the past about my medical conditions. At first glance to see me you would just see my wheelchair with a crazy blonde in charge of it but guess ‘On Paper’ it’s a very different story.

When the government announced that a selection of people with certain illnesses will need to be shielded from the world did I ever think that I would be on that list of people, HELL NO. I was totally telling everyone I very much doubt i’m on that list. Well how wrong was I on the 23rd March 2020 I received that text saying ‘We have identified that you’re someone at high risk of severe illness if you catch Coronavirus’

I’m not ashamed to say I cried reading that text it was a shock definitely brought a lump to my throat that ‘On Paper’ I’m seen as very differently. Is it me just being naive to that fact, no I don’t think so. I know I have all these conditions/illnesses I just choose to lead as “normal” (whatever normal is these days!) a life as I can and not let my life be defined by by my medical needs.

Life being shielded.

I feel like I’ve trained for this the majority of my life grounded as a kid, being disabled!!

But all jokes aside after the government announced lockdown i had a hard decisions to make keep my PA’s coming in though lockdown or because I was being told to shield myself from the world plus they have families at home to that needed protecting also. After having a long talk with hubby I made the decision to send my pa’s home though lockdown and close the world out, I know I’m one of the lucky one’s that has the option to do just that not everyone has that option.

It was a hard decision to make as I love having both my girls we have/had a great routine going, but as a boss as well as thinking about my own health it was for the best to protect not just myself but them and their families also.

I’ve loved having that extra time with hubby we’ve reconnected again without even knowing we needed to, I’m definitely coping with lockdown better than him but no-ones buried under the patio just yet!! I’m trying to keep busy with writing, catching up with movies and tv series and reconnecting with family and friends in different ways. Plus trying to keep in some kinda of routine to keep my mental health healthy as well as my body.

So yes I’m fully aware that on paper my medical conditions put me on the high risk category, has this pandemic made me think a little more of course I don’t think anyone would say differently.

Kerry 💋

How are you coping in lockdown?? Are you shielding what is keeping you going?

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