A forgotten world

I've said it many times before the disability world is very much a second thought and forgotten world. It's a subject I probably should have written about long before now, so why haven't I!? probably because when you spend so much time fighting for the simplest of things like going to the toilet you live … Continue reading A forgotten world

Being Shielded

Hey everyone how are you. No really how are you?? don't just give the normal 'I'm okay' Speech if there's ever time to share how we are really feeling it's now! I don't know about you but the days have turned into weeks, weeks have turned into what Day of the week it is!! This … Continue reading Being Shielded

The hard sell – A salesman’s pitch to the elderly & vulnerable!

Elderly and vulnerable people are being duped into handing over thousands of pounds for overpriced mobility aids. - Quote by BBC Rogue Traders Trying before you buy - wouldn't we all love to do this with everything we wanted to buy; This is just what some companies offer the vulnerable, staying in the comfort of your … Continue reading The hard sell – A salesman’s pitch to the elderly & vulnerable!