I’m not a wheelchair!

Living with a disability can mean a whole mixture of things; but yes, you actually do have a disability or a list as long as your arm, you find ways of adapting your life and how you do things. One big down side of having a disability you also have to handle how others comment and view, sometimes it’s nasty then other times it’s very negative doesn’t matter on your condition.

I could most definitely write a crazy long post on what’s been said to me over the years about my disability by complete stranger or just acquaintances, some thing’s are easy to laugh off then others have annoyed me, the misconceptions, or just plain rudeness.

But I want to address one thing. I’m not ‘a wheelchair.‘ I have never and will never be a wheelchair plus have no real plans on turning into a wheelchair.

Now, If you’re not a wheelchair user, I’m not expecting you to understand or have any idea what I’m going on about, so let me fill you in a little. If I’m going shopping or to restaurant/coffee shop and need a little help from a member of staff 9 times out of 10 I’m referred to as “a wheelchair.” Not a wheelchair user, not the blonde lady in a wheelchair, ever a person. But a flipping chair. I mean last time I looked in the mirror which was probably that morning while washing my face I didn’t look like a chair! #JustSaying. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Go-Kart as I like to call her, I’d be totally lost with out it, my Wheelchair is clearly a huge part of my life and me, but its not all of who I am.

I totally understand that it’s probably easier and quicker to say “a wheelchair” but to some wheelchair users it can come across as a little offensive and demoralising it’s kinda like being referred to as a bit of furniture and not a human being. It’s doesn’t matter who you are saying it and I’m not just referring to myself it’s any wheelchair user, it’s not a if your seeing random wheelchairs rolling around on there own grabbing a coffee and bite to eat with friends (although that might be quite amusing), having the time of it’s life in a wheelchair convoy!! I’m totally picturing my Go-Kart being a bad arse Transformer!

Over the years I’ve learned to just brush It off or you’ll end up running everyone over, it’s now just a case of educating people that’s it’s not ok, I’m never rude or dismissive about it like they are as my mother always taught me two wrong’s don’t make it right. Disabled people are already treated like second-class citizens and the face that this doesn’t seem to be changing goes to show some people simply don’t know how to address disabled people.

So let’s get educating.

Basically, I’m not a wheelchair, my boobs don’t need inflating to be my tyres, I am just simply a crazy blonde in a powered wheelchair.

Kerry x

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Hi I’m Kerry and I’m a ‘Wheelchair User’

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