Self-Care Sunday

Welcome back everyone and if this is your first time hey there! Hope you’re all staying safe and well in this difficult time.

I’ve spoken in the past about self-care and why it’s so important, everyday should be a self-care day, however. I completely understand right now it’s very hard to focus on yourself because even knowing what day of the week it is is hard enough. Yes we’re on Sunday just in case you wasn’t sure, I know my self-care routine has gone completely Pete Tong!

The world is crazy place right now, so even more so now with everything that is going on it’s super important to remember to spend time on focusing on yourself, to reduce stress levels, fully relax and recharge your batteries.

Here is a small list of ideas that might help you get your Self-Care on!

Chill Out Time ~ Put your favourite movie or TV series on, Get in your comfy clothes get cosy and just chill.

Pampering ~ Face mask, hot flannel on your face I do love a steaming hot flannel so relaxing, paint your nails while soaking your feet.

Have a mini dance party ~ This might sound like a totally crazy thing to do but it’s important to have some fun I love nothing more than to blast out my favourite dance tunes on Alexa and jig in my wheelchair or comfy chair.

Exercise ~ Easier said than done when your in a wheelchair no like we can go for a jog!! But there are ways, like restrictor bands you can attached to a door or hold depending on your strength and body mobility or Ive just invested in a motorised pedal exerciser yes I’m very excited for this to arrive it will do both my arms and legs while I’ve got my dance tunes on!

Plan your weeks meals ~ Eating healthy, fresh foods sound easy enough until, well, life happens. So pre – planning your meals will help your stick to a healthier routine and it could be fun trying out different things. Get your taste buds singing.

Stop and smell the coffee, literally ~ Try to find a moment where you can sit or stand (if you can!) and just connect with your senses in the present moment, really pay attention to what you hear, feel, see this is a quick way to bring mindfulness into your day.

Even if your setting just one day or even an afternoon you’ll find it can make such a huge difference when it comes to stress levels and how your feeling. Allow yourselves that quiet moment.


Kerry 💋I’d love to know how your keeping up or not with your Self -Care have you any tips you’d like to share?? Please feel free to leave me a comment.

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