unhelpful and unwilling people

The yearly awaited text message pinged into my inbox Monday morning – ‘We would like to invite you for your annual flu vaccine. Please kindly call to make an appointment. Thank you’.

That seems like a simple request yes? Call, book, get jabbed in the arm simples!

I’ve been having the flu jab for over 20 year’s, why because living with muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting condition my body has a tendency to have a mind of its own that I don’t have control over, so the need to take control of what I can in my life is understandable. Like keeping as healthy as I can, protecting myself from catching the flu makes sense especially as muscular dystrophy affects my respiratory as well as other muscles.

Have you ever come access that one person who is just very unhelpful, unwilling and rude that no matter what you say they are just never going to help and yet if you dared to be rude or abusive and unhelpful towards them it would never be tolerated so why is it acceptable to do it towards us!?

I’ve struggled on and off with some of the receptionist at my doctors surgery some are like block aids you just can’t break though to get to the other side, which has put my health at risk sometimes because of the lack of knowledge and understanding.

Monday morning it happen again just this time I was gobsmacked at the response I got, when I said I didn’t feel comfortable attending the flu clinic with other patients as I was still shielding myself the responses was ‘well other shielded patients have managed to attend appointments in the surgery’. My response – that entirely up to them that’s unfortunately isn’t myself, then this ‘well if you don’t want the flu vaccination that’s fine’.

Frustrated and shocked yet when I sat back and thought about it I wasn’t entirely surprised unless you have a disability you’ll never really going understand the barriers, battles and anxiety someone that is disabled faces in a daily basis. But this constant need to have to explain my condition, how things affect me the dangers and the why I don’t want to be in a room full of people just baffles me.

Only I can control myself and what I do, I certainly don’t have control over how other people choose to live their life that’s the simple truth. So if I choose to protect myself and my health why is that taken as if I don’t want the flu vaccination!?

It really doesn’t take much to be understanding or caring to others needs especially at a time when people are so uncertain and nervous especially with their health is at risk – protecting ourselves doesn’t warrant someone to be rude just because we are looking after our needs.

I would like to point out that not all receptionist are rude or unwilling to help there is some truly wonderful receptionist that are willing to go above and beyond, thankfully the following day I got just that someone willing to help me.

I would love for you to share the most unhelpful and the most helpful experience you’ve had – leave me a comment.

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2 thoughts on “unhelpful and unwilling people

  1. At my surgery there is one obnoxious horrible one that talks down to you all the time and simply won’t be at all helpful. And there is also one that deserves a medal as each time we go through her she goes way above and beyond to help.
    Our surgery didn’t do the flu jabs at the surgery we had a drive through and jabbed through the car window. Very efficient and safe.

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    1. Hi Ade thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad that you have someone there that will go above and beyond that is always more helpful isn’t it. And well a drive-through job in the arm I’m liking that idea!!

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