15 things I’ve been asked as a Disabled person.

If you don’t know me I’m quite a sarcastic/witty person thats always the first to take the Micky out of myself (I.e blonde and disabled you have no hope!!) 

So when it comes to things people say to me I’ve never got my wheels in a twist over it.  

I’ve been wheelchair depended for around 10 years now, so i’ve heard some good, bad and ones where i want to run over your feet comments!! 

So, here is 15 things you probably shouldn’t think before you say it to a disabled person!

I’ll start with a great classic that I’m sure every disabled person has heard and most of you able-bodied people have said!!

  1. I’m sorry you’re disabled!

I’m not, I’m used to it and the only reason we’re probably talking about it instead of eating caking, and taking about how long we have to wait for the new season of Game of Thrones to start – is probably because I’ve been asked a specific question about my disability, I’m happy to explain but there’s no need to apologize! If I’m talking about it openly.

Plus I know the first thing that probably popped out was ‘i’m sorry’ but have you really thought why your sorry!?

It’s ok not to be it wasn’t your fault it’s one of those things.

  1. You are an inspiration!

Now this one I generally find very awkward but I’ll always say thank you, I started the day the same way as everyone else (well kind of I have help!) got up and sat on the loo!

I’ve not won an Olympic gold medal or cured world hunger, Just because I have a disability doesn’t mean that I’m constantly overcoming adversity. Sometimes I’m just collecting food in my boobs!!

  1. My cousin (boyfriend, friend neighbors knows someone who’s disabled. Do you know them??

Contrary to popular belief, nope we don’t all know each other, funnily there’s no disabled phone book I can just pick up or a secret club!! 


  1. Let me help you with that!

Actually, that’s fine! Sometimes everyone needs a little help once in a while, Just don’t assume help is needed unless it’s asked for. There’s a big difference between offering a helping hand, and taking over.

  1. It’s so good to see you out and about!

Many people assume that it is a mammoth struggle for people with a disability to even leave the house, or that they’re not capable of leading an active, social, interesting life, but for most people with a disability, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Now it might be like a check list of have we got everything except the kitchen sink before I leave the house but I do see the big wide world outside my front door.

  1. How do you go to the toilet?

It’s always amazes me out of all the questions someone could ask the first one that pops to mind is my toliet activity?! 

Well I will openly tell everyone my thrown is way better than yours (with a very big grin on my face!!) it’s got a remote control, odour control (obviously for the roses smells as I’m a lady!!), dryer. And when I’m out if I can’t find a changing places toliet then I wait for my all singing all dancing toliet!

  1. You be careful you don’t get a speeding ticket!

So far in my NHS 5mph powered wheelchair, I’ve been pretty lucky to out run and avoid getting pulled over!!

but then it’s not me you need to watch out for it the cute looking oldies in their scooters, I’m not about to race them the little speed demons that they are!!


  1. Were you in a car accident?

My general sarcastic answer is my body doesn’t like me then follow with I have a muscle wasting disorder. 

Why Is it that most able-bodied people think that you have automatically had a car crash to end up in a wheelchair?!

  1. Did you know you have a disability?

Nope! I just thought I’d start rolling around in a pimped-out wheelchair for fun plus thought I was just fashion-forward. (Wait for Wednesdays, i pull the black trousers to colour co-ordinate!).

  1. I know how you feel 

This comment gets the eye roll every time, unless you have Muscular Dystrophy or any other disability I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know how it felt to be me!

I once had someone tell me they had to wear a sling for 3 weeks as they weren’t allowed to use there arm they now understand how it is to just be able to use one arm all the time, Ok then!! 


The childlike language (makes me laugh every time plus I’ll be very naughty and make you repeat just for my entertainment), while others pump up the volume or start talking really s-l-o-w-l-y. However, even if the person you’re talking to has a hearing impairment, neither of these things actually help. sorry, but it’s true!

  1. It’s all in Your Head

Uh, yes your so right it’s in my head it’s definitely telling my arms and legs to move but my body is laughing at me saying I don’t think so!! 

(This is definitely one I joke about)


  1. Can you have sex?

Yep sure can, disabled people aren’t anti sexual crazy in know!! Plus you never thought outside the box before.


  1. Do you have a licence to drive that thing?

Nope, and if you ask my husband he’ll happily say the way she drives you might wish she had, because it would probably come from a Christmas cracker!!  

Keep your feet safe!!

Person on a wheelchair moves quickly
Person on a wheelchair moves quickly. Illustration of a funny cartoon style
  1. Yes, we’re wheelchair accessible. There are just a few stairs.

Yes I tell you no lies this has been said a few times now! it is mostly people who work at restaurants, event spaces, shops, online travel agents etc. Common sense people If something has stairs, it is not wheelchair accessible. Just be honest and upfront with the information.

That concludes my 15 things I’ve been asked as a Disabled person, I hope you’ve laughed at them like I do… because well what do we have if we don’t laugh things off.

Kerry x

3 thoughts on “15 things I’ve been asked as a Disabled person.

  1. This is a really important post. I have the feeling that most of these comments are a result of awkwardness and fear of saying the wrong thing which leads to inappropriate jokes in an attempt to deflect the social worries. Thanks on behalf of the #globalblogging team

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