Is Ignorance really bliss!

The saying ‘Ignorance is bliss‘ but Is it when that ignorance is potentially harming others?

Most people that know or follow me know that I’m extremely active when it comes to fighting for an inclusive world, not just for myself but other disabled people whether it’s visible or non-visible, so as you can imagine the people that are close to me have seen my struggles first hand and just how much I fight for the world to just understand the disabled world better.

Last week I found myself being extremely annoyed and disappointed with someone that’s should quite frankly know better, just because they didn’t want to wear a mask in a public building because it was inconvenient for them they decided that wearing a sunflower lanyard for invisible disability was okay!

My disability might be visible to the naked eye but others not so much.

This had me thinking about everyone else that is miss using not just Sunflower lanyards but something similar. For what reason other than selfishness and ignorance of not understanding what it is like to have an invisible disability let along a visible one. I could quite easily have a conversation with this person but is it gonna make a difference when they’ve already shown their lack of understanding.

Society already makes it hard enough with the lack of knowledge and understanding into disabilities, without adding insult to the situation using a disability for their gain just because they think it’s okay or because they don’t think anyone is going to confront them. If it wasn’t for the current situation we’re all in would they even know that these type of things are available like the sunflower lanyard for invisible disabilities? My guess is probably not.

Why should I be down to us to educate, when some in the world is so quick to use something that wasn’t designed for them. It’s for that reason alone it’s not theirs to use.

Society right now – The conspiracy theorists standing their ground on not wearing masks on their soap boxes telling anyone that will listen – The moans about wearing a mask and making a point of saying they are – The exempt/Shielders wearing masks because they don’t feel safe – The under the nose wears just not understanding it’s meant to cover both nose and mouth and lastly the ones that think their The Avengers and invincible to even a common cold.

What category do I come under I will openly tell you I come onto the exempt category but I still wore a mask to not just protect myself but for my Nan, husband, mother-in-law, other family and friend on the 3 times I’ve ventured out only local as in 5 minutes from my home.

When it comes to applying for a blue badge, CEA card (cinema card) you have to proof your entitled to one. So why is it not the same when it comes to exemption on wearing a mask, they have made it as easy as a click of a button for people to use and apply for one, it just makes life even harder for these fighting to just be seen as equals and included in a world that just see us as inconvenience but convenient when they need something!

For those of you that are exempt here is where you can get your lanyard or badge:

Sunflower lanyards

Euan’s Guide

Kisses K

What are your thoughts on this subject? Feel free to leave me a comment.

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3 thoughts on “Is Ignorance really bliss!

  1. My thoughts are very similar to yours on this subject. I am exempt from having to wear a mask due to my lungs but on the 3 occasions I’ve been out since early March I have worn one simply as you say to protect others. I don’t have or want a lanyard as I can cope for the few minutes I wear one. The lanyard should be only for those who can’t wear a mask. As hard as it may seem I think the reason for a lanyard should be proven at application stage. (This won’t make me popular but it is my opinion)

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