My boobs and my disability

Well ladies let’s talk tits, boobs or breast. Whatever you like to call them it’s a subject we should definitely warm our hands up to and Cop-a-feel, well that’s what all the adverts and professionals say checking yourself regularly is a good thing but that’s all fair and well – unless you’re physically unable to, being disabled or having a disability you can already be faced with a multitude of health issues, that’s before it comes to having cervical screening and mammograms.

Having Muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting condition I haven’t got the arm strength or ability to be able to check my own breasts, I’m lucky enough that my husband cops-a-feel every day – as he’s putting my bra on while he’s getting me dressed, so you can all get your minds out the gutter!! But yes he probably does know my boobs better than me.

Last year by chance it was actually myself that noticed I had a large lump on the inside of my left breast after doing my normal party trick of holding a small can of Diet Coke in between my boobs (big boobs come in handy sometimes!). I already had an appointment with the paramedic from my doctors surgery to came out and see me about something else, so to be on the safe side I spoke to her, she checked me over but wasn’t overly concerned but gave me a course of antibiotics as she could feel a lot of swelling around the lump.

A week later and no real change an appointment was made for me to go to the breast clinic at Milton Keynes University Hospital, i was slightly worried at this point for various reasons the lump for one and the fact I am use a wheelchair and had no idea how accessible it was going to be for me.

My first appointment – The nurses where great made me feel at ease plus made sure there was a room big enough for wheelchair and me plus hubby, asked if I was able to get onto the bed but said it wasn’t a massive issue as I could be examined in my chair after the doctor examined me she wanted to do a full MOT on my boobs as I was 40 at the time and had never had a mammogram or breast ultrasound scan.

Before I carry on just so you all know I’m ok nothing was found other than a few pesky cysts!

Intrigued on just how accessible it was going to be as a wheelchair user, how was they going to achieve getting my boobs squished into a machine!? not having the strength to hold my own boobs let alone my balance half the time!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The appointment was made longer so there was no rushing round I could stop and start if I need to, the breast clinic had there own hoist which I was pleasantly surprised about but unfortunately that wasn’t charged over night so it had no battery, but it was ok this time as hubby came with me so he was able to stand me to sit into a specialist chair for anyone with Disabilities, this chair was higher off the ground and was able to recline so you could lay completely flat as if you was on a examination bed.

Hubby was asked to leave the room, i’d like to add very well looked after by the Brest clinic nurses with chocolate cake, coffee and the tv while waiting.

A third nurse was ask if she could help by holding my head and arms as a pillow was placed behind me for better Comfort. The mammogram machine was able to move up, down, left and right which definitely made things that little easier, top off boobs out and the chair push into position as far as it could go, pillows placed around me for support, boobs into the right position it was time to start taking pictures. I was amazed just how my boobs including my body could be pulled into that many different angles.

The whole process itself wasn’t completely painless as you can guess when your boobs are being flattened like a pancake that wasn’t hugely comfortable or painless. The nurse where amazing listened to every direction working with me to make me feel so comfortable and safe.

Picture time finished I was covered up and wheeled into a different room so the doctor could do an ultrasound scan, as I explained earlier of the specialist wheelchair they had was able to lay like a bed with the nurses still helping move my arms the doctor carried out the Scan.

As a disabled woman or person when it comes to having personal appointments or any appointments it can be very difficult physically, emotionally and mentally, when there’s no thought of what our needs are, it’s the simplest of things that can make the world of difference like a specialist chair, bed, hoist and more time.

I would love to here your boobie stories men included if you have one. Leave me a comment.

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