My shoes are never dirty!

In a world that can feel like you’re not included we have to advocate for ourselves finding and invest our time in the little things that make us happy. I feel like I advocate for myself most days, I do still have my odd grumpy days but we all have moments right?

While being positive and choosing to live my life isn’t always easy, it also doesn’t mean I have to be unhappy and not find the fun and joy in things.

Of course I am aware of the things having muscular dystrophy has taken from me I have daily reminders, but I also know all of the things I am still left with – that I’m thankful for. The question is has muscular dystrophy given me anything? Now you would think my immediate and probably obvious answer would be NO it hasn’t, but like most things in this life, it isn’t quite that simple.

It’s a big question and I’m sure if you’re following my journey it would come as no surprise if I told you that my immediate answers are sarcastic. But no matter how sarcastic, small or seemingly insignificant my answers are it’s still something. Creating the thought process that allowed me to find some real answers.

Everyone has that favourite pair of shoes they can’t live without and god for bid any dirt! That’s where we find ‘wheelie-perk’ number one, what I love to call my feet ornaments my shoes are always clean – so clean in fact that my bright pink trainers have never been for a run. As I’m writing this I can picture my sexy bright pink trainers flirting with the world next time they are out the box, It’s the little things here people, just work with me.

Queue jumping, I can’t lie not having to wait in line is great, definitely makes you feel all VIP when I wheel up to a busy line and not having to wait 10 minutes. Hell yeah I can pay in 1 minute and wheel right off see ya. Admit it, you’re a little jealous of this one.

But queue jumping is not the best ‘wheelie-perk’. I know it’s shocking that there could be another but FREE parking across the UK! What else is there to say.

This next one is actually pretty exciting. I have a permanent seat under my bum with padding! Sore feet, tired of standing or itchy legs? Nope not me! – I never have to find a chair in a pub or stand at the bar, restaurant or cinema it’s ok I have my own thanks. Who needs to hear the words ‘take a seat’ when you can just have muscular dystrophy and spend your life in a chair? I think I went to far there didn’t I? Damn sarcasm.

So there we have it things I have now that I would not have without having muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle weakening condition. When I ‘sat’ down (pun intended) to write this post I anticipated it to be mostly sarcastic and hopefully a little bit funny. I did not imagined in the process it would remind me of how far I have come in acceptance and understanding of myself. Goes to show you never know where your mind will take you if you let it.

On a more unfortunate note, my forever-clean shoes will never need replacing so I may have to run them a few times if I ever want to justify new ones. Or I could lose one! people lose shoes right?

Kisses K

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4 thoughts on “My shoes are never dirty!

  1. Loved this post Kerry and love the trainers. I love queue jumping. I can’t wait until the time comes when we can shop safely again with no risks. I believe you can never have enough shoes. The “take a seat” comment made me laugh as I was told to do so in a shop once. My air cushion is the most comfortable thing ever. Keep the great posts coming!

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  2. Why justify getting more shoes….I have a collection of my pretties..and obviously they last forever as I’m only ever standing to load the wheels in the car (though when it’s wet my bum gets more wear than the shoes as I can’t hang on 🤣🤣).
    I’m forever telling people I’ve brought my own when they tell me to take a seat, and the queue jumping is fun too….

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