Life isn’t fair, but I can make the best of it

If we lived in a fair world, Muscular Dystrophy would not exist. But that also goes for all diseases, yes?

Unfortunately, life isn’t fair. Life has a way of dealing you cards you wouldn’t of picked for yourself, I was diagnosed with the muscle-wasting disease 18 years ago. Even with an uncertain future, there’s no reason why I can’t do anything about it. I can refuse to compare myself to others and focus on my goals, and work hard.

Despite the reality of life’s unfairness, those of us with MD should still make the best of our shared diagnosis, no matter the difference in named types we all live similar shared experiences. However, accepting that I have MD has in the past been a tough pill to swallow.

I am no different to others, I have often compared myself to my peers. What fancy job do they have that I don’t? How much smarter are they? How much stronger, why won’t my body work that way?

Comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster. It only leads to lower self-esteem. You trick yourself into saying, “I can’t,” rather than, “I can.” I have been busted chitchatting away to myself or i’m giving myself a peptalk even telling myself to shut up at times.

It may shock you to know but I am far from the perfect human, but is anyone!? I have fallen into that comparison trap before. Living in a social media lead world are we really that surprised.

In reality there will always be someone smarter, more successful than you. Plus there are plenty of people who have it worse off. It’s seeing what’s already around you at already. And running with it.

Focus on improving your mental, spiritual, and emotional health before you worry about everyone else. Find someone you can talk to and confide in. Don’t think that going it alone is the best and only option you have. Don’t let your pride get in the way as easy as that option is, believe me what I say I know I have have been there.

It’s easy to get caught up in the accomplishments of others, but remind yourself how you’ve grown. My first article is a far cry from what I write these days. You are better off comparing your current self to your former self and not to someone else.

Going through life with MD can take a lot of work. Juggling, medications, doctors’ appointments, and extra accessibility costs, to name a few things. Not everyone with living with MD has the exact same experiences or is living the exact same reality. But we can relate.

Life isn’t fair. We will have to go a little further to find success in this life. We can’t let other people distract us from the path on which we’re meant to travel.

Kisses K

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