I have been nominated for the National Diversity awards

I am incredibly honoured and blown away that someone took the time to nominate me for a National Diversity Award. Category: positive role model – Disability.

The National Diversity Awards – is a swish black tie event, which celebrates the exceptional achievements of grass-root communities that tackle the issues in today’s society, giving them recognition for their dedication and hard work. The ceremony itself is held annually at Liverpool Cathedral – showcasing outstanding devotion to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion.

The categories are as followed – Positive role model – Community organisation – Lifetime achiever – Diverse company of the year – Entrepreneur of excellence – Celebrity of the year award.
Within the positive role model and Community organisation categories has a subsection: Age – Disability – Gender – LGBT – Race, Faith and Religion. New to the community organisations now includes the subsection Multi-Strand.

The concept for the National Diversity Awards arose when The Diversity Group identified an urgent need for more positive role models to be actively promoted, with the aim to empower and inspire the wide breadth of diverse communities across the UK.

For the next few week you are still able to nominate within the categories you have until 4th June 2021.

What’s happens now: it’s down to the peoples vote, each nominee get people to place their vote for them. Filling in your name and email address. Then a few nice words on why they think this nominee deserves to win within their category.

The voting stage closes at the same time as nominations on 4th June 2021.

Voting/Nominations is a tad confusing I know. So The National Diversity Awards confirmed the following ‘To vote for a nominee is the same process as to nominate – once an initial ‘Nomination‘ is confirmed, means thereafter any ‘nominations‘ received will be classed as a vote!’ – fingers crossed that all makes sense I confused myself just writing it down!

A panel of judges will then go though all the nominees and compile a short list that will be announced in September 2021. Following those that have made it on shortlist will be invited to the award ceremony on 4th February 2022 where the winner will be announced.

My biography I had to write for my nomination

Hello my name’s Kerry, I am a disability blogger and campaigner living in Milton Keynes with my husband. I was diagnosed at 24 with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy a progressive muscle wasting condition I’m now 42, I’ve always believed that it should never stop me from living life the way I want. Just because I have a disability doesn’t mean my life has to end.

I fell into campaigning for Changing Places toilets over 6 years ago, after being introduced to a Changing Places facility where I quickly realised that the years of struggling, of only drinking a few sips of water If I was out for more than 5 hours just in case I needed the toilet while out or just not going out at all. Because I was not able to use a standard accessible toilet these are now I believe outdated facilities, it then dawned on me the lack of these facilities available in the UK, from this I found I had a real passion for campaigning for disability rights.

Alongside by campaign for more Changing Places toilets, I am now working on campaigns for accessible housing, women’s health and many others. I worked alongside Tesco’s in building 100 changing places facilities within the stores which was a huge achievement.

Being able to be on several panels with companies and charities like Habinteg and the ombudsman housing is a huge privilege sharing my experiences but mostly being able to give other disabled people a voice.
I’ve been very fortunate with my campaigning work, it has taken my life in a direction I never thought it would. Winning several awards with the BBC and MDUK, i have had my articles published in newspapers, magazines and interviewed by local and National news on my campaigns – being an ambassador and working with user lead charities is a true honour and privilege.

I love running my blog my Life Kerry’s way sharing my experience with living with Muscular Dystrophy, depression and anxiety plus my campaign work.

I believe I’m only doing what some else would be doing if they where in my shoes or wheels!
I don’t want someone fighting for the same things I am in 10 years time!

I want to take this opportunity to Thank you – you have all supported me by reading my articles, commenting and sharing. If it wasn’t for your constant support I wouldn’t be able to do what I do so thank you it means the world 💕

Kisses K

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5 thoughts on “I have been nominated for the National Diversity awards

  1. Congratulations! I voted for you! This was what I filled in under reasons for nominating: As a disabled person myself, I am proud of Kerry for contuining to fight for the rights of people like me. Voices like hers need to continue to be heard until there is equality for all disabled people in the UK.

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