Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy’ is this something you have thought about? Because for me It’s not something I can say has ever crossed my mind. Until now!

I would even go a far as to say. I probably would’ve told you I don’t have any children and don’t choose to have any children, so I wouldn’t leave a legacy! In a way, thinking about it now it’s a very naive thing to say, just because I don’t or not going to have any children why would that automatically think that’s the only ‘legacy’ I could/would leave!

Have you watched or had a conversation that’s made you think about life and where you are heading and what the future holds. This is just what happened to me, I logged on to watch ‘The muscle help foundation’ on Facebook, as my good friend and favourite cheeky Cornish was on, If you haven’t watched, you must it’s a great.

As humans, we often long to make a connection to something bigger than and more enduring than ourselves. A lasting meaningful aspect of our unique presence and preserve. Whether through work, family, or community, we all have the opportunity to leave a one-of-a-kind mark on the world.

Careers are often central to our contribution to the world – where we can make a lasting impact through our body of work. Working not just for money but with a deeper sense of purpose. Like starting a business or nonprofit organisation, but regardless of whether we work for ourselves or others, we all want to feel that we built something lasting during our careers.

Family, legacy means inter-generational continuity. The cycle of life is vividly present, and we celebrate and mourn these transitions together. Just as we have individual legacies, there are family legacies tied to each family’s culture, lore, traditions, values, and contributions to society. Passing these along, as well as your individual story, continues the larger narrative of your ever-changing family and weaves it into our shared history.

Living a life of your choosing makes for a lasting legacy. Think about what matters to you and how you can contribute in ways that will make a difference beyond the span of your life. Being proactive about your legacy means being thoughtful about how you want to be remembered.

What kind of impact will you have on society? How will your legacy better your community?

So what kind of legacy do I want to leave now and in the future. After having a long think, I won’t be leaving a legacy though having children – I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy a progressive muscle wasting condition but that’s not really leaving a legacy.

The one thing that did keep popping into my mind was ‘leaving the world a little better’ – understandable when the last Six years I have found my voice when it comes to living in a world as a disabled person – the struggles, barriers and also the fun and adventures you have as a disabled person.

My legacy. I hope I was apart of making a difference, by using my voice for the future generations of the disabled community. Whether it be with my writing or non stop campaigning for a more diverse and inclusive world that doesn’t always understand us or see us a individual humans. If I changed or made a difference in just one person life, that to me is leaving a legacy.

I don’t want someone in my situation as me in 20 years time to still be fighting for the right go to toilet when out or not be able to live an independent life because they can’t access an accessible home. That were treated and seen as equals. That were just seen as human beings like everyone else.

My family are proud, showing the world that yes I have a wheelchair but it’s not stopped me. That I did allow Muscular Dystrophy to govan my life. That I was always smiling and happy. That I used my voice the right way!

When I think of what legacy I have left so far, i am proud of the person I have become, continuing to grow and learn no matter what. I am proud of everything I have achieved so far.

And of course to be remembered for being ‘The TOILET QUEEN!

So I ask you again what type of ‘Legacy‘ do you want to leave?

Until next time.

Kisses K

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