Loneliness & isolation

Let’s get though this together in a true old fashioned British way!

It doesn’t seem to matter where you look right now whether it’s Switching on the TV opening up your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter app’s our newsfeeds are full of one thing and one thing only coronavirus (COID-19).

With the Government ramping up their guidelines asking the over 70’s and most vulnerable to now self isolate, it’s only natural to worry about our loved ones especially the ones that live on their own.

Like my nan for instance she lives on her own, she makes the effort everyday to go out even if it’s to wondering around a food shop and have a cup of tea in their cafe but now she’s unable to even leave the house as she’s listening to the guidelines we’ve been asked to follow, so for me instead of checking in with her 3/4 a week I’m going to call everyday not just to make sure she ok but so my nan has someone to talk to.

It got me thinking about the rest of the elderly and vulnerable population in this country that live on their own and will now have no contact or connection with the outside world for while other than their tv’s and radio’s.

It’s estimated that there is over 2 million people over 75 that live alone.

So here’s a few tips on how you can help your elderly and disabled relatives to keep going though this tough period.


If you’re still able to go out and pop to the shops see if they are in need of anything.


Internet shopping is it also a great way of keeping their cupboard stocked so if they don’t have access Internet or feel comfortable doing an online food shop you can always set it up for them and give them a call to see what their low on.

Encourage them to stay active

Part of the mental battle of isolation is remaining as active as possible. Walking from room to room in the home to keep moving and the join active and blood flowing, even standing up 5/10 every few hours.

As I understand if your like myself and unable to do star jumps or walk if you have an Alexa or Google play put your favourite songs on and Jig around in your chair or do some wheelchair dancing!

If they have a garden encourage them to go for a walk or wheel around it.

Strict care guidelines In place

Anyone entering the home should be washing their hands before and after visiting. Ensure that carers have everything they need to keep your loved ones as well as themselves as safe as possible like disposable gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser or soap,


Help them set up online account like food shopping, Facebook or a Netflix account if they don’t have them. Things like Netflix give them plenty to watch and Facebook can help them keep in touch with other family members.

If your also self-isolating you can always pick up the phone or FaceTime just having that simple interaction can make such a difference. We have so many ways to keep in contact with family and friends.

That’s me thank you for popping by, until next time keep safe. Feel free to leave a comment of what you’re doing for your loved ones.

If we work together we can get though this.

Kerry 💋

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