December is here!

I honestly can’t believe we have hit December, the final month of the year, already. Christmas is quite literally around the corner and it doesn’t seem like two minutes since last Christmas! Does anybody else feel the same? This year though I have a very different feeling going into December I don’t feel particularly organised or full of christmas spirit like I normally am.

By now I’d of sorted all the presents out all bagged up and ready to hand over with a few packages here and there that haven’t arrived, got all the christmassy food goodies because well nothing say christmas like the box of roses, twiglets, mixed nuts and cheese and crackers!

So in a bid to jump-start my christmassy mood I’m watching a Christmas movie everyday on Netflix or Sky Q. So far I’ve watched.

1st – A Christmas princes – NetflixA_Christmas_Prince

2nd – A Christmas Princes, The Royal Wedding – NetflixA Christmas Princes The Royal Wedding

3rd – Christmas Inheritance – NetflixChristmas_Inheritance

4th – A Christmas Wish – NetflixA Christmas Wish

Picked the colour theme for this year’s up coming tree putting up we’ve gone for white with a little sliver, which mean I get to buy some new tree decorations and lights ones that twinkle, I’ve always wanted ones that have different settings never managed to find any until this year clearly fate.

Lights  are from White Store

So cross fingers crossed a plan of action #GetChristmassy has started.

Tell me what do you do to get yourself in the Christmas spirit?

Kerry x

4 thoughts on “December is here!

  1. I feel in same Kerry, Xmas wasn’t surely 12 months away. The house is in a total mess. I told my husband not to get the boxes of decs out of the loft til next week as we have visitors this weekend. Went out for a while this morning, he got the decs boxes out so the house is even worse. I can’t do much-hanging things up as my arms don’t do that. So here we are in total disarray and hubby is going out for the next 2 days.!!!!!


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