2019 Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 List

I don’t know is how many times I’ve looked at the title thinking how do I even start writing this, as I’m struggling verbally with my words and anyone that knows me knows I definitely don’t struggle with words!

I’ve been sitting (pun intended) on this little secret for a few weeks now, I was contacted by the lovely Hannah a freelance copywriter telling me I was on the Shaw Trust power 100 list of 2019 most influential disabled people in the UK, I was totally taken back and surprised. Me! Really! No! someone is totally playing a game with me it can’t be real, but nope it was all real.

On 8th October the secret was out and everyone on the power list 100 was announced at the house of lords unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend.

What does this mean to me

I can’t tell you how surreal this is and how many times I’ve pinched myself to be on the list alongside so many truly incredible disabled people such as Lee Ridley, Lucy Watts, Holly Tuke, Anna Hegerty, Sam Renake, Carrie-Ann Lightley and many other disabled Campaigners, actors, Paralympians, comedians, and some disabled bloggers all amazing people and then you have me (crazy!) I’m not going to lie It ab-so-flipping-lutely feels amazing to be on the list with some people I have the pleasure of working alongside.

To be classed as one of the UK’s most influential disabled people is something I can’t quite get my head around, all I’ve ever wanted to do is help others, to help the future me’s know that despite whatever disability they have you can achieve whatever you want.

The Shaw Trust Disability Power List highlights what amazing thing’s disabled people can face and how we can defy all wrongly perceived ideas of us and change people’s attitudes towards disability.

I’m sure it’s comes as no surprise having a disability can have it’s challenges and struggles, we have to fight for simple thing’s in life others may take for granted, fighting for diversity, equality and inclusion, we often have to work that little bit harder than others at certain tasks but having a disability can also be extremely rewarding and can really put everything into perspective.

when I started blogging and campaigning for changing places toilets it was never for any kind recognition or success, whatever that may be, I started my blog as a way for me to share my Disability hoping it might just help just one person, with my Campaigning it’s always been for the future me’s not to be in the same situation as myself in 10 years fighting for the right to feel included in Society and maybe change how the non-disabled people see the disabled world.

I hope to use my place on the Shaw Trust power list 100 positively, continuing to keep fighting for a world where disabled people and their families feel included.

I truly am feeling very grateful and humbled and one extremely lucky girl. I can’t thank everyone enough that has followed and supported me though this incredible journey that I will embrace humbly your continued support means the world to me.

Kerry x

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