Tips to help reduce Christmas stress and anxiety

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But what happens when it becomes to much to handle, your brain goes into overload making it harder to enjoy the festive season.

There’s an added pressure when your disabled as it’s not as easy to just remove yourself to take a break, gather your thoughts or just catch a breath. The normal excuses you’ll here like just making tea or having a quick tidy up in the kitchen, if you have a disability like myself and said any of those you’ll probably get a funny look!

So I thought of a few tips that might help that have helped me in the past.

Don’t make too many commitments

Don’t overstretch yourself this is probably the worst thing you can do, it’s okay to say no, ask people to come to you then you’ve not got the worry of making sure it’s accessible for you.

Time out word

Spending time with family is amazing when you’ve not seen them in so long but can get to much, as much as they mean well trying to help you with everything it can become overbearing and overwhelming so come up with a word with your partner or parents so they know you need to have some time out.

Don’t shop at peak times

People tend not to see us very well in crowded places like shopping centres (I will never understand as we’re not that inconspicuous!) but to save being bashed in the head by bags, dodging through crowds go when it’s less jam packed.


Christmas can be expensive just remember you don’t need to buy for everyone, I learnt a while ago that just spending time with people is a gift in itself and less expensive. Plus these days shopping on places like eBay, Spock and Facebook market place you can pick up some amazing bargains unwanted gifts all new but half the price.

I hope that these few tips help someone over the Christmas period to have a stress/anxiety free time.

Merry Christmas have a wonderful time what ever you have planned

Kerry 💋

Have you any tips that make your Christmas period free from stress and anxiety let me know in the comments section.

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