5 ways to motivate yourself

Hey everyone welcome back.

Having a disability I’m just the same as everyone else some days I can sit and procrastinate trying to find that motivation, thinking about that one thing I really need to get done but just cant find that extra push to get it done, however. Being in isolation with not much to do can be very unmotivating.

My 5 top motivation tips to get yourself motivated for the day:

  1. Realistic Goals ~ I like to set my goals for a new week on a Saturday for blog/social media, it’s important to keep them realistic because if the goals are too big you’ll start to feel overwhelmed and unmotivated before you’ve even started. It’s important to keep them simple so you have a clear plan, I love nothing better than being able to tick off the things I’ve achieved/completed.
  1. Reduce ALL distractions ~ Like I said before I can be the Queen of procrastination some day’s so the first things I do mute or turn off! the tv! The tv is my biggest distraction I literally get nothing done with the TV is on, however I do find I work better with Alexa serenading me in the background with favourite tunes or radio station on I’m more relaxed. But you could be totally different and the only way to focus you need to get rid of all distractions to feel motivated.
  1. Make ‘Appointments’ for yourself & your friends/family ~ This sounds crazy I know but it works trust me, we would normally live by schedule in everyday life so right now isn’t any different! Most of us, well realistically probably all of us, are stressing over the current situation it’s sometimes hard to escape it. Yes, we need to stay informed and aware of whats going on but it’s very important to also switch off from it, occupying your mind with other things, So setting dates and times to catch up with your friends and family, it doesn’t just motivates you it’s also a positive thing to look forward to.
  1. Ask yourself uplifting questions ~ Don’t worry everyone isolation hasn’t sent me crackers just yet!! It’s one of those don’t knock it until you’ve tried it situation, asking myself questions like., ‘What are you grateful for today?’ or ‘What blogging goals will you achieve this week?’ With so many questions you can ask yourself it’s finding the right question/s that suit you and your needs in that present moment. it might take a few goes to really feel anything as the first few times might be a bit strange and you’ll probably be thinking what am I doing! but it’s important to remind ourselves and make ourselves feel good. Yes, I understand that you might not be where you want to be right now, try using this isolation time to reflect on your life!
  1. HAVE FUN ~ Remember to have fun yes we’re are all stuck indoors and no it’s not ideal for any of us. It’s doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Set up a quiz night with friends or family or get your favourite tunes on and dance around or a funny movie/TV show. If you have fun it will help with your motivation; you’ll find it makes you enjoy what you’re doing, positivity flows and you feel ready to face your goals.

I know I don’t shut up about this but it’s so important to find time for self-care! It’s very healing, especially right now during this weird time of isolation.

Kerry 💋

Feel free to share with me your ideas or what you do, I would love to hear from you.

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