A broken system

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Last week I wrote about my shocking experience with my local wheelchair services AJM Healthcare over a two year period to the present day, since then I have been inundated with messages and comments from other wheelchair uses about their own bad experiences with their local wheelchair service provider but also not forgetting the handful of good experiences people have had which was lovely to read.

I have known for many years this service does not work as it should from my own experience and the amount of story you constantly hear or read, you would of thought that some improvements would have been made to make not just the experience better the service itself.

So why has it still not improved, why are wheelchair uses still complaining about the same problems over and over year on year, from waiting long periods of time or not receiving the help they so desperately require to feeling like their needs do not matter. For far to long now wheelchair services have been inadequate, it’s time that real changes where made that the people who actually require and understand their body’s better than somebody with no understanding where listened to. There is an estimated 700.000 disabled child and adults that require the NHS funded wheelchair services this service is to help improve quality of life and independence of disabled people and their families.

Providing a better service rather than being marginalised surly is not that hard? Instead of leaving a huge amount of wheelchair users immobilised, frustrated and ignored.

It’s heartbreaking reading so many disabled people having the same issues, one women told me she’d been fighting for 3 years for a wheelchair for her needs and this is just a standard one no fancy extras, another story was from a gentleman who’s been a wheelchair user for 45 years and can’t remember a time where he has not had an issue of some sorts. The sad thing reading all of these individuals stories over past 2 days have all been very similar from all walks of life all different areas but the same experiences and always ending with

I am not surprised this has happened, unfortunately this is very common.

What should wheelchair services focus on

  • Better knowledge: Understanding the individual. listening & acknowledging the individual’s disability.
  • Waiting times: set better guidelines on response & waiting times.
  • Getting the right equipment: Doing a thorough assessment helps make sure the correct wheelchair and equipment is given the first time.
  • Responding to changing needs: people can struggle when their needs are not evaluated. Ie pressure sores, loss of independence.
  • Better Communication: keeping the lines of communication open leaves less confusion on what’s going on.
  • Be real: Tell the truth do not make excuses.

When left with no options but to use an unsuitable wheelchair can result in pain, discomfort, poor posture and unnecessary injuries.

Like myself i have been left in this position with a wheelchair not fit for purpose and dangerous to use, having muscular dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting condition my body changes year on year, my fight continues.

Wheelchair services in all areas unfortunately will never improve until each individual company acknowledges their wrong doings and Failures.

Kerry 💋

What have your experiences been with your wheelchair services good or bad?? Feel free to leave me a comment I would love to hear from you. What else could wheelchair service do to make it better?

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