Is it too hard to understand we just want independence!

Lately, I have felt the majority of my conversations with people have been around the word independence – why I fight so hard and why we deserve to have our Independence. Surely it can’t be that difficult to understand why?

Maybe it’s just me and my stubbornness to make the world a more inclusive place for not just myself but for other disabled people too. Being disabled shouldn’t mean the world is closed off when it comes to accessibility like housing, toilets, shops, holidays, hospitals and care.

It’s scary when you hear someone saying ‘going into a care home you’ll be better off’ do we still live in an era where sticking disabled people into a home is the best and only option, all because the world can’t figure out that we are still human beings with a right to make life decisions, whether it’s living at home with a supportive family or receiving help from an outside source. It’s down to us to choose and for the rest of society to catch up.

The majority of society think it’s very easy to be disabled when in fact we have to fight for pretty much everything that we have from equipment to care, it’s not handed to us on an independent silver platter. Everything is a post-code lottery.

The unfortunate truth is that no non- disabled person will ever truly understand what it is like to have to fight for your Independence daily, they’re never gonna understand how it feels to be told you can’t go to the toilet, you can’t enter a shop, you can’t have your own home, access to vital equipment that will save your life.

From the basic to the essential.

Being able-bodied, your capability and freedom to live independently and autonomously will never be in question. But for disabled people “independence” can be that one thing we feel like we’re constantly dreaming about and spend their whole life fighting for.

An ableist society is what disables disabled people. To win full access and inclusion in society we need to continually use this idea in all our arguments.

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2 thoughts on “Is it too hard to understand we just want independence!

  1. Just that one word “independence ” sums up everything I think most of us want and need to live a full life. And you are quite right that no one unless in our position knows as even my wife/carer still says “if you want to do anything just ask” grrr I don’t want to ask I want to do it myself!!

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