I’m back! – My activism goals for 2021

Hey there, happy new year – missed me?

It has definitely been strange not writing but I stopped the urge to come back early, it was hard I can tell you. But I am all rested and ready to get my wheels stuck back into things, I love nothing more than a fresh diary to plan everything out and this year is no different. Fingers crossed this year I get to go back Into the big wide world.

As another year of blogging comes to an end, 2021 means ‘My Life Kerry’s Way’ will be 5 years old, wow.

As a disabled person I started advocating late in life because after being tired of not being able to live a life I/we deserve, I soon learnt as a disabled person you’re forced into fighting for your rights. After all, it’s the only platform we are given to share – not just our battles but for those who don’t yet have a voice.

Even though I fell into campaigning by mistake, it has become such a huge part of my life like it has for so many disabled people and their families. It’s hugely important for people with disabilities/impairments to be heard.

We live in a world developed by and made for non-disabled people it’s time to change that making the world a more diverse and inclusive world to live for ALL

My activism goals for 2021

This year my wheels are ready to get even more stuck in.

Continuing to build important relationships along the way – like with my housing association Habinteg who provided me with my forever accessible home, where I am able to choose to live my life not just exist, having an accessible home isn’t a luxury and everyone should have a choice and opportunity to live independently if they choose. #ForAccessableHomes

Of course I will continue fighting for my favourite subject ‘Changing Places Toilets’ these life changing facilities have saved my life along with many others – my campaigning has giving me the nickname #ToiletQueen. It’s so important for me to keep sharing and shouting why these facilities are so important for so many – the relationship I have built with my muscular dystrophy UK family has allowed me to share my stories living with a rare form of MD and the struggles it brings.

This is my own campaign – having had my own experiences with Wheelchair Services and how I was left with not just an unsuitable but an unsafe wheelchair for years. Having to endure not being listened to, also left feeling like a second rate citizen for many years, isn’t unfortunately a new concept, hundreds of disabled people are mistreated with horror stories worse than mine – it’s a working progress building a better understanding/relationship with my local wheelchair services to make these changes possible for others. I have some exciting projects coming up this year I can’t wait to share with you all.

Our voices after all are the most powerful tool we have. Roll on 2021

What do you prefer doing new years resolutions or setting yourself goals to achieve?? Leave me a comment

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4 thoughts on “I’m back! – My activism goals for 2021

  1. I’m excited to read about your upcoming endeavours! I would love to get more involved in campaigns, and projects but I don’t know where to begin 💚


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