I have my legs back!

There is a huge misconception that most people believe that when you have a disability we’re given everything so freely. I can’t remember a time when I’ve not had to fight for something I’ve needed to keep my Independence. Just once it would be nice to feel like you don’t have to fight tooth and nail or explain why I think I’m entitled to keep my Independence.

The quote above i still stand by or should say sit by! When your disabled nothing comes easy or handed to you on a silver set of wheels, all while saying this is all you’ll ever need for the rest of your life.

My needs can change sometimes before i have even gotten use to the changes i’m still fighting for. I have a rare form muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle wasting condition and like most things time is muscle precious for me, so when you are left in a situation where your needs aren’t met or listened to it can be extremely difficult on your physical and mental well-being as well as your independence.

I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s been a long tiring road with my local wheelchair services AJM Healthcare Milton Keynes. However, after i posted my article it seem to make waves, a few of the staff since made an effort to make relevant changes and rectify the issues concerned. They have recognise and are trying to make significant changes to provide a better service by working with service uses through running online visual forums – to not just improve their service but also how they deal with service user as well as improving their website. By being more aware, owning past, present and future mistakes is a start – it also proves that if you are a service use and feel you are not getting the service you rightly deserve make your concerns known.

AJM Healthcare Milton Keynes are still a long way to getting it right or really understanding the damage mistakes can make on the disabled community. But definitely on the right path and only time will tell.

Anyway, after three long years of fighting i can finally say ‘I HAVE MY NEW WHEELS’ i can’t explain how excited i was abs still am when i received that call to say we are going to deliver your Wheelchair on…..

My shiny NEW WHEELCHAIR! Did i mention i have a new wheelchair. No, well let me tell you all about it, it’s a Quickie R500 with a few new functions that i haven’t had before and very excited about like the rises and tilt, where has this been the majority of my wheelchair life – yes i am now able to reach the top shelf and be at eye height to someone standing. It was a strange feeling being up that high and if i had the arm strength i could totally paint the ceiling! Hubby on the other hand was a little bit freaked out and said ‘okay, that’s enough you can come back down now’. Haha!

Yep I totally couldn’t resist and if you listen carefully you can hear my husband in the shed saying ‘ really I know what you doing, you loser!’ Haha. Video description: Kerry is in her new black wheelchair in her back garden surrounded by grass a brown fence raising her wheelchair up to the music.

Another new function is the leg lift because i have Lymphoedema in both feet it can sometimes be uncomfortable, being able to take that unwanted pressure off will be amazing, i can control both leg rests together or separately, my posture is now far better in this new chair i have definitely been feeling the difference, i still have to tweak a few things because nothing is right off the bat you always notice a few bits after using your wheel for a few days.

Video description: Kerry is in her living room in her new wheelchair raising both legs together with the new function on her wheelchair.

What’s unfortunate about my whole Journey with AJM wheelchair services is it shouldn’t of taken three years and it certainly shouldn’t of been me publicly calling them out ten months ago for them to finally step up – i can only hope that lessons have been learnt and what i was put though was a one off and doesn’t happen to anyone else happen.

I would love to hear about your experiences with your local Wheelchair Services and all the wonderful functions that you might have on your set of wheels? Feel free to leave me a comment.

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