Aloe Vera and my Diabetes type 2

My journey with diabetes even though it’s only been a few months I’ve had to change my life in different ways from now stabbing my fingers twice a day to get my blood sugars, taking medication daily and most of all throwing everything I know about food out the window. After the initial shock andContinue reading “Aloe Vera and my Diabetes type 2”

Tips for Christmas & your mental health.

Did you know that An estimated 1 in 4 people in the UK alone experience a mental health problem each year, the most common of which are forms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Christmas is over – new year has started

As lovely as it’s been to sit back and relax over the Christmas period, there needs to be a time where you have to get back to reality put the tree away for another year, start planning the next 12 months. And of course let’s no forget It’s that time of year where all youContinue reading “Christmas is over – new year has started”

How Aloe Vera help’s me.

It’s crazy to think that this funny looking green plant has so many healing ways, We’ve all heard of the aloe vera plant it really wouldn’t surprise me if you have a plant called vera tucked away on a window sill somewhere, I was first introduced to this healing wonder by my mummy, “I’ve gotContinue reading “How Aloe Vera help’s me.”