Ways to cope with Anxiety

I’ve spoken about my own struggles with my mental health a couple of times on my blog, it’s a subject I’ve grown more comfortable talking and writing about as time has gone by, but it’s also not always been that case. It has taken a long time along personality with a little help with therapy to get to this point of feeling like I can share. And that’s by no means me saying I don’t still have my good and bad days everyday is a working process.

It’s a subject not everyone feels that comfortable or ready to share with anyone as it doesn’t alway make sense in your own head so trying to explain to someone else how you feel is never going to work. Over the years I’ve learnt different things that help me cope with my anxiety, they obviously don’t make it disappear but they help me to cope better. If I’ve learned anything over the years is that you can easily control it but it will always be lingering in the background, it’s just how you manage it.

Incorporating helpful elements

Incorporating the things that help you feel calm into your daily routine is a great starting point, it can be something as simple as song that just makes you happy or a meditating/mindfulness App’s there are some great free ones available so it doesn’t have to cost you anything. podcasts are also worth looking into also, whilst some others it maybe breathing exercises.

Try to source out what works best for you. Alway try something more than once before throwing in the towel but don’t force Something into your routine that you think clearly isn’t working for you as that can trigger your anxiety.

Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet doesn’t always mean throwing everything bad like chocolate out of your cupboards or running to the fresh fruit and veg aisle. So don’t panic! It just means changing simple things like not adding the ‘bad’ foods into your system like processed food, to many take aways, to much alcohol and caffeine plus smoking aren’t great for your body nor you health, this can have a huge impact on your mental health which can trigger your anxiety.

If you want something sweet have it after a main meal then your body isn’t just taking all the sugars from that one thing, less carbohydrates as to many carbs can make your body feel lethargic I.e tired. Eat as healthy as you can, it’s not an overnight process you will feel lighter mind wise as each day passes, it’s important to remember your adding a healthier diet into your lifestyle to take care of your mental health.

Do things that make you happy

Something that you can get really stuck into like a good movie, book, writing. I love my amazon Alexa I have added a playlist of all the songs that get me giggling in my chair and singing like I’m the 5th member of Little Mix (Totally not to old at all!)

It’s all about doing things that make you happy.

Kerry 💋

Thanks for popping by and reading pleaser Feel free to leave me a comment on what helps you id lobe to know, plus you never know what helps you might help others too.

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