Laying it bare.

what do you see when you look at me!? IMG_0307 someone who alway’s has a smile and looks like they have everything under control or someone who doesn’t!? It’s mental health awareness day So here’s me laying it bare for all to read, I’ve not always been very open about my depression or anxiety, to look and talk to me you wouldn’t think those two words would even be used, I was diagnosed with depression over 8 years ago, before that for years I suffered in silence, I didn’t want to burden or darken anyone else, the feeling of losing the ability to walk, use of my arms, dress myself even standing on my own sent my head into a downward spiral. That moment of realisation I had a problem and needed help was when I’d hit rock bottom in my mind and thoughts had turned to how easy it would be to swollow a hand full if pills and no one would know for a while, I’d scared myself that much I finely opened up to my husband. Leaving the comfort/safety of my home in my Wheelchair was a scary thought at one stage, the “what if’s” would run though my mind which would send my anxiety through the roof that turned into panic and having to bump into someone who once knew me when I was walking that hadn’t seen me in my Wheelchair, I would start to feel an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment having to answer the “what happened” questions when just thinking about it on my own would make me cry. For 8 months I did take anti-depressant plus spoke to a professional who showed me ways to deal with how I was feeling and how to cope with transitioning from able-bodied to not so able-bodied, I still have good and bad day but I’ve learnt to deal with it better or snap myself out of it. AWARENESS has made all the difference to me and my mental health. I am lucky to have an amazing support network around me and those that don’t understand have asked questions or done their own research to try to help me. Some people aren’t as lucky as me and so they need people to be extra aware, even if they arent close to them. Raise your awareness, it doesn’t mean everyone needs to become an expert, something as simple as not passing judgement before you know the details is all it takes, today is a good time to start learning, don’t always think you know how someone is feeling. Dont assume because you can’t SEE the pain or illness that it’s not real and that they aren’t suffering. A smile is not always a que that everything is ok. It’s ok to not be ok! Sometimes something as simple as a cup of tea and a safe place to feel is more than enough support ❤ Some facts
  • 1 in 4 Adults and 1 in 10 children in the UK will experience mental health in any given year.
  • Mental health can strike at anytime.
  • It can affect anyone from all walks of life.
  • Can affect  their ability to sustain relationships, work or getting though the day.
  • It’s  estimated that only a quarter of people with mental health problems in the UK receive ongoing treatment.
Kerry X
If you need to speak to someone about your mental health and feel you talk to a close friend or family member as you don’t want to be a Burden, then call the Samaritans day or night on 116123
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3 thoughts on “Laying it bare.

  1. I’m here I love your posts well maybe not todays but I feel better knowing it’s ok to feel bad although I’m not as bad as you Stupid comment of today when I’m church this morning a woman was asking how I was and when I told her she said “you have to remember these things happen for a reason “ Grr.
    Do you ever meet up with Liz? Cos I could gatecrash
    You probably are reacting to being so poorly as well xxxxx


    1. Hi joy thank you for you message, it’s definitely ok not to be ok, people that have never been affected or never had a friend or family member that suffer find it hard to comment it’s never the right thing but then what is the right thing to say in all fairness!!

      Well definitely arrange something lovely xx


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