Self-Care Tips

Life can sometimes get so busy we all forget to check in on ourselves. Leaving us feeling low, frustrated and tired.

I’m just as guilty of doing this myself overloading myself thinking if I just keep busy I’ll be ok!

Self-Care isn’t selfish ⭐️

Make a list of things your grateful for or what makes you happy ~ I love a good list not just to remind me of what I need to but to look back at everything that’s made or makes me happy, I take 10 minutes of an evening to list 3 things I’m grateful for that day!

Take a break (have a kit-kat!) ~ Giving yourself one day a week to just do nothing, watch a movie, take a wheel or walk somewhere, stay in bed all day it can literally be anything you want.

Switch off your phone ~ Are you constantly checking your phone like Facebook, Twitter, eBay or addicted to playing games, turning off your notifications doesn’t have to be all day just a few hours set a time for you to just put your phone down you’ll be surprised just liberating it can be!

Negativity ~ If you can try and stay away from it, I know sometimes it’s easier said than done but by avoiding people that can’t stop complaining or have a Knack of attracting drama. Try surrounding yourself with up lifting, positive people you’ll be surprised just how having that type of energy can make you feel.

Practice self-love ~ The way we talk to ourselves has a massive impact on our own emotions, what you tell yourself becomes your reality. Telling yourself everyday in the mirror something like your beautiful or you totally got this. Loving yourself isn’t an easy Journey you’re not just going to wake up in morning and feel better, it takes time and you’re probably have setbacks but you will totally get there just have faith in yourself.

It’s okay not to be okay ~ It’s okay to ask for a little bit of extra help there is no shame in stay your not coping, asking for help isn’t weak it’s extremely brave.

No matter what you’re going through within your life alway remember your not alone there are so many people that value you and care.

Kerry 💋

Do you have your own self-care tips I’d look to hear them leave me a comment.

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