Ways to Spring Clean Your Body & Mind

So.. thing’s are pretty strange right now for everyone. We’re in spring; Easter is around the corner and the world is a mess.

But in true British Fashion with a stiff upper lip as they said in the good old days ‘We will get though this’.

Until then ~ Spring has officially arrived where, we find ourselves at home which means it’s the perfect time de-clutter!!

It’s good to re-energise and refresh you life sometimes, it’s great opportunity to give your life A Spring clean and clear some space in you home and mind.

It’s easy to fall into bad routines and clutter can come in all shapes and sizes including bad health habits, toxic friendships, untidy home. Now I’m no ‘Life Guru’ and this isn’t one of those post it’s just based on my Life experiences and personal To Do list I thought I’d share.

Cleanse your body and mind.

This one is just as important as all the others, de-clattering your body and mind as well as your physical space because your mind is what keeps you motivated and healthy so if that stops working you stop working! so it’s important to keep your well-being as health as you can.

If you’re finding yourself feeling tired and sluggish try setting a regular bedtime routine just a little early than you’ve been doing already, The one thing to know about your body is it craves consistency. Plus you’re more likely to get enough rest/sleep, schedule it like you would do the important tasks in your life.

It’s easy to fall into a bad routine when it comes to eating especially in these circumstances and when we’ve just come out of winter also, so spring is a great time to give yourself a boost and refresh your eating habits, I know I’ve had to rethink my eating again as I’m a type 2 diabetic and having muscular dystrophy exercise can be a struggle to burn anything off. If you are like myself and struggle to exercise try putting on some music and jig around in your your wheelchair or arm chair. It’s just about changing a few things.

As well as trying to be a little bit healthier physically it’s also important to cut out the stresses in your life as much as possible. Toxic relationships and friendships can be physically and mentally draining, it’s surprising how much negative influences can impact on your mood, physical Energy and zest for life. Be honest with yourself and look at whether that relationship/friendship even job is worth it. And if you can’t figure out a way to improve it, it’s Best to cut all ties And move on to something else.

Social media clear out

How many times do you flick though Facebook and a random page pops up that you ‘Liked’ years ago still taking up space in your Facebook life!! The same goes for people do you know them have you ever met them or had a conversation with them!? Do you really care about their weekend and what they ate? No Delete.

The same goes for Instagram and Twitter if you have them have a good look and a clear out of old messages and people. If you come across something or someone that you have no interest to you don’t feel bad about unfollowing/unfriending them. Social media is cluttered up enough without having to go through loads of uninspiring post. Having a good old clear out just means that it’s now full of people you care about and people who inspire you

The same goes for emails, files, photos phone/computer and apps have a good Digital clear out.

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

Stay Home 

Kerry 💋

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