Self-love – it’s not selfish, it’s ‘necessary’

Did you know the relationship you set yourself has a massive part in setting the tone for every other relationship you have? Crazy right and deep I know, that’s some serious power you hold in your hands probably best to use it wisely.

Who you surround yourself with has a massive role to play too, you have two types of people ones that lift you up in life supporting and pushing you (in a good way of course), then the ones that will pull you down with negativity the glass is always half empty these kind of anchors will drain you mentally.

I don’t know about you I feel like I’m a constant “work in progress” right? I feel that ok though it’s good to improve yourself every now and then and as the saying goes you learn something new everyday from someone, However, we can sometimes fall into the “pleasing others first” I’ll be the first to admit it ‘i do it!’

Do you?

Well ladies and gents that stops right now…

Time to set yourself a new trend let’s call it self-love 101

It’s not selfish… its necessary!!

Why because there’s only 1 you and that’s your super power!

It’s taken me a fair few years to find mine, approximately 39 years if we got all technical (but if anyone asks I’m still 29 just with 10 years experience!)

I’ve had many bumps along the way and still do but I’ve learned some valuable ‘life lessons’ one is that your only as good as your mindset, having a strong mindset is key, in order for that to happen, you need to be happy with yourself why!? It’s simple really there’s only 1 you!

If you want something in life you have so go out and grab it yourself in other words ‘own it’ No one else is going to do it for you.

The world we live in today unfortunately people can be quick to be very judgemental and find it easy to body shame others, social media is such a big platform for everyone from the average person to celebrities posting their lives for the world, where grabbing that perfect picture then editing it or adding a filter Just because you don’t like your nose or double chin, why!? Because it’s so easy to feel inadequate like your body just doesn’t look like a ‘Kardashian’ or your favourite reality stars! 


That’s why I love the Instagram @I_weigh movement started by the amazing Jameela Jamil, she’s showing the world along with 100k women & men that it’s ok to love yourself, it’s ok to be any shape or size from every background to have self-love. if you’ve not heard of I weigh go take a looked at the truly inspiring people.


Everyone of all ages should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, why?! Just think what could happen with all that confidence with one beaming smile you can leave a lasting impression on people.

‘The sky’s the limit’

Now don’t get me wrong like I said before it’s kinda taken me a while to find it.

When I was around 24 I was diagnosed with a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting disorder, it’s changed my life drastically going from walking to wheelchair in a manner of years, can leave a lasting impression, my body changes, losing muscle mass, losing Independence, parts of you that make you who your are. For years it was my nemesis, until now, through different things I do I’m my life now like my blog, being active in the Disability world, Campaigning and my love for Aloe Vera products I’ve met some amazingly inspirational People. But fast forward a few years to age 39 to be exact. There’s something that happens when you reach a certain age I was in my early 30’s you just don’t caring or “sweat the small stuff” anymore!!

So what people say or think about you becomes irrelevant, now I don’t mean it in a “sassy” way you just find it easier to walk away or distance ourselves from negative people or brush things off, you start to just live for you, living life to its fullest.

It’s all about self-love, you should give yourself the love you so freely give to others, embrace yourself, its your imperfections, that make you beYOUtiful.

We are all beautiful just the way we are! You are!!


Kerry x



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