A beautiful home, A beautiful Accessible home

‘Building Better, Building Beautiful

These are the words the Government have used in a new report announced this week, MP Robert Jenrick even used the words ‘building beautiful must become the norm’.

This image has a caption saying ‘Beautiful high-quality homes must become the norm not the exception‘ and on the right it has a row of houses with a line of big beautiful green trees
This image by the Ministry of housing, communities and Local government.

When I read the full report hoping that finally we were going to see the government stepping up, by seeing that accessible homes are just as important. But not once was there any mention of accessible homes why!?

We are now living in a world where we’re all living longer, thanks to modern medicines and technology, but our housing circumstances doesn’t seem to be keeping up with our older generation so why would we think that it would be any differently for disabled people and their families.

A suitable home is critical for our Health and well-being as well as keeping our Independence, so what happens when you don’t have that independents life can feel like a black hole of the same four walls that are making you feel like you’re caged in your own home because of your disabilities.

An Accessible home is undoubtably a basic requirement for anyone to be independent whether you have a disability or not. It’s a key element for our support network like family members and cares as well as ourselves.

I’m all for having a beautiful home as my home is my sanctuary, my safety net but it’s also my accessible home so that I don’t lose my Independence. so I’m able to live with my husband I’m an environment that’s suited to my needs.

Build beauty with fruit trees for every home with trees lined along the street, would that be beautiful; yes, absolutely I can appreciate beauty when I see it as much as the next person, but also build homes with accessibility so we can live independently or visit these beautiful homes if our family/friends do, without feeling like our choices are made for us just because we have a disability. An accessible home can be just as beautiful.

Make a world that’s inclusive for ALL!

Kerry 💋

What are your thoughts on this new report leave me a comment.

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