Boosting Your Productivity

We come across plenty of moments in our life where we’re doing nothing those in-between moments, thumb twiddling moments I like to call them.

We can waste a lot of time in our thumb twiddling moments without even realising until we find ourselves saying where did that hour will go. If you want to know how many thumb twiddling moments you have you can try tracking you time, I spend way more time than I should fiddling on my phone with twitter of instagram,

We even have thumb twiddling moments when we’re secretly putting of doing something! Yes I’m talking to you hubby world worse thumb twiddle that one!

In the words of Walt Disney ~ ‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’

It’s using the thumb twiddling moments more efficiently, It might be that we need to look after ourselves with self care or get something done.

Making a small list of say 5 tasks every day that won’t take up long periods of time the thumb twiddling moments you can just tick off the list as you go along.

You time.

  • Write how you are feeling
  • Meditate
  • Read 5 pages of a book
  • Write 3 things your grateful for

Catching up with people

  • Call a family member just for a chat
  • Arrange a catch up with a friend
  • Plan a night in with a loved one or friend/s


  • Create a list
  • Write how your feeling
  • Plan your meals for a week
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Do something that calms you

  • The best thing about doing tasks is that they can be completely personalised to you and your own needs. There’s so many other ideas too that could be added to this list and it’s just about discovering what you and your thumb twiddling moments need.

If you have anymore ideas then let me know you never know who you might be helping me or someone else!

Kerry 💋

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