The importance of self-care in isolation

Day 3 of lockdown for some people

Weeks 2 for disabled people

While we’re in the thick of a global pandemic life as we once knew it seems like a distant past time. With washing your hands more going to be the new norm our routines will drastically change from now on.

The government have put us ALL into lockdown and disabled people have been told to self-isolate for up to 12 weeks due to the seriousness of this virus. it’s hard to see or find any positive out come but these steps are vital to slow the spread of Covid-19 i.e coronavirus. However, self-care is even more important right now while we’re all in isolation keeping your mental health as health as you can with so many things on our minds during this time including care for ourselves/others, worries about jobs and bills, not being able to get vital supplies, our own self-care can fall by the wayside.

Isolation for some of us is a normal day to day event but for others that aren’t use to being isolated it can result in an increase in mental health issues as it also can for those who are use to it, such as anxiety and depression.

It’s very important keeping up your self-care routine as much as possible or start doing self-care more regularly while isolated. With many options limited by social distancing such as movies, events, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. We can find that many of the things we did for self-care before are not available to us now.

So finding new ways to keep our mental health, health is a must:

Organizing ~ There is no time like the present to get your home de-cluttered when will you ever get this much time to really get stuck in and you never know what great gems you will find hiding away in a cupboard plus won’t just only help your home space but your mind space as well.

Keep talking ~ Reconnecting with people you wouldn’t ordinarily call or video chat, if you have WhatsAppset up a group chat as your all in the same boat.

You never know that one call might just make someone’s day as well as your own.

Humour ~ Try not to get trapped in the doom and gloom of the news or social media find some humor. Finding ways to laugh is a great way to get all those happy endorphins flowing, Funny videos on YouTube, movies or Comedy shows all great ways to have a good laugh.

Limits ~ It very important to limit yourself on the news or social media take breaks from it, if you overload you mind with one thing that’s constantly not great news. So in other words don’t have the news on all day or search on google or social media.

Schedules ~ Having a set schedule for each day regardless of if you can go out of the house or not. A time to get up, make breakfast, work on tasks, do self-care. In our everyday life we have schedules we go by so it shouldn’t be any different now, Routine is key to keeping a healthy balance for our mental health.

Fresh air ~ Even though for most disabled people being at home day to day is very normal the thought of 12 weeks is still very daunting, as getting that little bit of fresh air and outside world is still nice, just sitting with the window open can make the world of difference, if your able to sit in the garden do so but if not just having the window gives you that vital fresh air you need, I love watching the world go by with the window open I’m lucky enough to have a lovely view.

I’m send you all love and hoping your all ok, if not that’s ok and totally understandable to be overwhelmed by everything be kind to yourself remember your not alone stay connected feel free to reach out to me.

It’s important to remember we’re ALL in this together and it will end.




Kerry 💋

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