Friendships can be Powerful & Magical!!

It’s been a few months now since I join up with a group of girl-friends to start our own twitter group called MDbloggersCrew, and so far it’s been truly amazing being apart of something that’s not only brings you closer as friends it’s also very magical to watching something you’ve helped create grow as each day passes.

It’s quite powerful when friends create something that empowers not just each other but others too. We want to raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy while striving for inclusion and equality.

This is where our name comes from ‘#MDBloggersCrew’ 

The MD stands for Muscular Dystrophy (if you hadn’t cottoned on already!) 


Kinda reminds me of the original Girl Power the Spice Girl “zigga zig ah” The only difference we’ve all got our own set of wheels!!

And the crazy thing is we’ve never all actually met each other. You’d think by the we chat we’ve been friends for years.

Where did our stories start to the land of friendship and where we are today it’s pretty simple we all have two big things in common other than being beautiful and complete badasses in wheelchairs we all have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy but not the same type and we all share a love for blogging. 

A few months in the all girl power crew added a new member our first male he bring something unique that as females we can’t which we all love, so what was once 4 is now 5.

This crew of crazy fun-loving people I get to call my friends came at a time I didn’t realize I needed them, I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason this is definitely one of them.

So meet the #MDbloggersCrew

Fi Anderson   @ambitioust2428

Carrie Aimes @claimesuk

Ross Lannon@rosslannon

Emma Muldoon @simplyemma2

And little old me @kerrymThompson


So now you met my crazy fun-loving crew go find us on Twitter and follow our journey with us share your stories.

Kerry x

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